5 Things That Indian Relatives Inevitably Do


The Indian families form an integral part of our Indian culture. We are well known for our traditions, values, ethics and the list goes on and on. All families are different, but there are few common things that every Indian relative has done or gone through. So let’s have a sneak peek of it.

1. Ladka ho jae bas!

First of all, I am not being a feminist. But admit it, we have definitely come across this over-hyped wish of all Indian families with a lame reason that a boy will take their legacy forward. (If you will not have a girl, you will not have those boys even)

2. Shaadi kab kar rahe ho iski?

point-2-sThe relatives and society have an age deadline for both guys and girls; and the moment they cross it, they are the hot topic of the town. The relatives are more bothered about the life of children rather than the parents. (Get a life of your own, please)

3. Are yeh to shagun hai!

point-4The most hilarious scene is to see the cat-fight of family members over giving money to kids while leaving. One says ‘no’ and the other says ‘yes’ and poor kids are just in a fix as to go which side, although they want to keep that money badly. And that famous dialogue, “Isse chocolate le lena beta.” (Why would a teenager take chocolate or candies from that? We have other good things to spend this on)

4. Oh, you have become so tall!

This peculiar dialogue of aunties we met years ago is just so funny. “You were so small and you have gained so much height” is the most common remark whenever they see us. (Of course, I am not going to lose on my height for all these years. Stop getting astonished, please; I will grow up and I don’t even remember that we met before)

5. Sab arrangement badia the, but!

One can always find people in Indian marriages who will hog on food as if they have never seen it before but at the end, they have a common dialogue, “dal makhani or biryani kuch khaas nahi thi.” (Then who told you to eat full plate biryani all alone. Stop passing your commentary, man.)

Somewhere, down the line we all have this experience, all thanks to the fact that we are a part of Indian families. We are all used to this melodramatic scenarios every now and then, which we tend to even enjoy sometimes. Such things are quite inevitable and we Indians just can’t help it. So be proud of all this as well.

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Niti Goyal (SD College 32)

Niti Goyal
(SD College 32)

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