5 things pyar ka punchnama taught us


With the sequel of Pyar Ka punchnama out to be now most of us are smiling, remembering the first movie. A movie where truth was told (I don’t mean every girl is as irritating but you know the kind), truth that most of the guys related to and some even felt up close and personal with the storyline. 3 friends living in Noida find girls who lure them into love and then the drama starts.
Fights, attitude, shopping, dining and what not the list of problems arising is just not getting over. the movie was wonderful I must say, so let’s draw up 5 things that we learnt from PYAR KA PUNCHNAMA. No not those which were listed in the movie itself.

1. BRO’S before (you know what) 
The foremost lesson is very simple and is not just the lesson from PKP but the very first chapter of the bro-code says the same. In any case a bro mustn’t leave another bro during the period of self Imposed slavery AKA relationship. in any case a friend always comes before a girlfriend. Yeah Yeah!  You’ll say your girlfriend is your best friend too but see for yourself a bro always comes up.


2. Never plan to leave out your friends and shift with her.
This hardly comes up but yes when it does never leave your friends and plan to stay with her. The morning with starts with “babu good morning”  might seem good in the initial stages but can never be better than those abuses that you would be be hearing every morning with friends.


3. There is a woman behind unsuccessful people too. 
As said the number of unsuccessful people is more than successful. So you can do the math, no luck to be found.
Be Your own priority, nothing is more valuable than your self esteem. Respect yourself and never leave your important tasks for her. She isn’t after all, a goddess who will set up your life to the best it can be.

friend zone 2

4. Free thinkers can not always be a boast.
What chaudhary does should be kept up as an example. The girl did wrong and he was correct to ignore her ever since. Don’t go around like a dog and follow her. What is wrong should be dealt with in the same manner.


5. Never enter the friend zone unintentionally. 
There are times when you just want to be friends with a girl, that’s acceptable. There are times too when you get friend-zoned by a girl who is either in a relationship or NOT LOOKING FOR LOVE. This type of friend zone gives the girl a leverage, she can use you in whatever way possible. Don’t go there exit this area ASAP


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