5 things about PU that go UNNOTICED

  • The CO-Residents


The university land is blessed with all these creatures – the birds, squirrels, monkeys, little kittens and pups that loiter in and out of the hostels all the time. A weekend leisure at the hostel includes watching them roaming about in their glory or happy in their sweet slumbers, as unaware of us as we are of them; busy finding, hiding or savouring their bits of food; carrying dried leaves for their nests, playing absentmindedly among themselves. It’s amusing to whistle at them and watch them gape at you all the time. They live in a completely different world of their own, which is worth noting. It somehow helps synchronise your own.


  • The fallen leaves and flowers


The University is blessed with a beautiful touch of nature, having trees that bloom in various colours. But for a change I’d like to draw your attention to the fallen leaves or boughs, found on the roads, so basically everywhere. It’s funny how leaves are more noticeable and beautiful when they’re pale and dead, than when they’re green and alive. During autumn, the roads are carpetted with beautiful leaves, having served their lifetime and then serve as dried proofs of love, preserved in diaries.

  • The mess food


There are a lot of people that complain about the burnt and, most often, bland food in the PU hostel. But I’ve had a taste of the PG life, and can say that food here can beat the food at a lot of hostels. Not many hostels have such a variety of food, funnily, the sweet dishes as well. Though no food can beat the home cooked food, but the punjabi tadkas do put in their best to keep up with our ma ke haath ka khana.

  • The NGO


A group of PU students run an NGO ‘Prishth’ for the kids of the fourth class employees that work and reside in the campus. It is an after school program. The classes and major events are held within the campus. They teach, advise, offer support to the kids for their overall personality development, provide free tuitions to the school going kids, and give them a glimpse of a sound life through playful and even outdoor activities. The classes are held near the temple of the campus. The NGO does a great job, bringing little change in a lot of lives.
To contact you can mail them at munishkhanngwal@gmail.com.

  • The love stories


A lot of unnoticed stories, that are worth writing fables for, take birth in the Campus and grow over time. Our campus somehow helps treasure the love stories of the young, aged, seclusive, broken, unrequited, successfully grown old, or maybe yet aching or yet budding. The gardens, benches, classrooms, Stu-C are all witnesses to their love and longing, preserving stories and secrets, watching people fall in love, creating masterpieces.

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Natasha Negi

Natasha Negi (Eng dept, Pu Campus)

Pursuing M.A.(English) from Panjab University. A bibliophile and an avid reader. Believe in instigating humanity and keeping in touch with the downtrodden part of the society. More so love to capture such spontaneity around in negatives and ink. Ear for all kind of music as long as it moves your bones or beats. Full time observer and thinker.


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