5 Survival Thriller Movies Based on Real-Life Events

Every (read most) 90s kid has a thing in common, they love thrills! Whether that’s of taking a risk as high as binge-watching a night before exam or of facing the result with ‘Koi na, bhai tera agli baar pass ho jayega!’ But the thrills they really pay for, is that of the content on reel.
Check here 5 survival movies that are based on real-life events!
1. 127 Hours (2010)
128Aron Ralston, a mountaineer goes hiking at Canyon lands National Park, Utah in April 2003. While descending in a slot canyon, he accidentally falls and finds his right hand smashed and stuck by a boulder. He tries recklessly to free himself, but eventually amputating his right hand becomes the only way out.
Directed by Danny Boyle and scored by A.R. Rahman, this movie is highly appreciated for its cinematography. One major mistake which Aron admitted was that he didn’t tell anybody about his plans before leaving, hence no one realized that he was ‘missing’.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
2. Apollo 13 (1995)
apolloIn April 1970, NASA launches Apollo 13 lunar mission. The mission is soon aborted when the oxygen tank explodes. But the probability of returning to earth narrows down with every passing second, extreme low temperature making it worse. The astronauts are constantly in a peril and along with the Mission Control, have to work out a strategy to return  to earth safely.
A real life space survival movie (with Tom Hanks in it). This is a docudrama and required too much effort perfecting the scientific technicalities, because Ron Howard likes giving critics a hard time pointing out glitches. It definitely stands alongside movies like ‘The Martian’ and ‘Gravity’.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
3. Captain Phillips (2013)
captainIn 2009, the U.S. Containership Maersk Alabama sets off with Captain Phillips in charge. Unfortunately the ship is held hostage by the Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. In exchange of the crew held hostage, pirates demand millions of dollars. Now the Captain has to defend his designation and get the crew and the ship back home safely.
The lead role is by Tom Hanks and we know how awesome he is when it comes to using his wits to  escape. The movie is intense and the realism in it is incredible. The tension while negotiating lives and  money is palpable. M Alabama was the first U.S. cargo ship to be hijacked since 1800s and the movie immortalizes it, making it an unforgettable event in U.S. history.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
4. Into The Wild (2007)
into-the-wildA memoir of Christopher McCandless, who switches to life of a vagrant after giving his money to charity and leaving behind all his possessions and identities in early 1990s. Travelling through the world he realizes that ‘the core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences’, and decides Alaska will be the ultimate destination before he returns home but ends up being a prisoner of nature who has been sentenced to death.
This is a wanderlust thriller, questioning decisions of life and how the confinement of relationships makes a man the hamster in the wheel. All the revelations and enlightenments conceived by Christopher  have been put into a beautiful poetic narration throughout. Surviving through harsh weather, scarce food, amateur hunting and disgraceful parentage, his last words were, happiness is only real when shared’.
Rating: 4.0 out of 5
5. The Revenant (2015)
reverentIn 1823, severely injured by bear attack, frontiersman Hugh Glass is deliberately left behind by his crew after one of them also kills his son. The yearning of vengeance makes him walk 200 miles with his injuries in bone-melting cold.
Leonardo di Caprio won a Golden Globe and an Oscar for this film and it was very well received by critics too. The battle scene in the movie is exquisite; after all it is directed by Alejandro Inarritu, you couldn’t expect less. Hellishly hard hillsides, frozen river swim, wounds and eating raw meat make the movie a survival thriller.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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