5 Songs from Indian Ocean Band to Swear By


Completely different from conventional Indian music, comes this famous out of the box Indian Classical-Modern fusion band called Indian Ocean.. The band was started in 1991, but officially got active in 1995. The specialty of the band is that its members are self-trained at their respective instruments. Indian Ocean has till date released seven different albums, each of them, coincidentally, consisting of seven different songs.

Over a period of time, this band has got well-acclaimed all over the country and foreign as well. With its unique music, the band has made songs over a varied range of themes like protest music, spiritual music, on atheism, political issues, etc. Surprisingly, almost all songs till now have gained much popularity. However, among the whole lot, there are specific songs, which are phenomenal and I would recommend you to listen to them.


1.     Arey Rukja Re Bande

Composed by Piyush Mishra, this song is from the band’s album ‘Black Friday’ and was adapted in Anurag Kashyap’s film of the same title. An excellent mixture of lyrics and music, this song will haunt you for hours. With a message of peace, the song is mainly related to the human devastation that occurred in 1993 Bombay bomb blasts.


2.     Bhor Bhor

Bhor Bhor is a song from the ‘Jhini’ album of the band, which depicts the life of a free wandering bird, which suffers all of the hardships for survival. The song is a good amalgamation of Indian classical lyrics and pop music and is inspired by the tones of folk songs and wordings.


3.     Kandisa

The song from the album of the same name, ‘Kandisa’ is pop-classical music fusion by the band which is a basically a prayer usually sung in Syrian Church. The excellent music will definitely leave you stunned for a long while.


4.     Gar Ho Sake

Sung by Shubha Mudgal and with the music of Indian Ocean band, this song is included in the latest 2014 album of the band, ’Tandanu’. The song is a political protest song claiming for enlightenment of the folk against the corrupt government. The lyrics and music, both, are amazing and will definitely compel you to hear it repeatedly.


5.     Charkha

The last but not the least is another song from the album ‘Tandanu’, ‘Charkha’. With the vocals of Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, his slide guitar and the fusion music of Indian Ocean, this song is very pleasing to the heart of listener. With fewer lyrics and more of the melody, this song is very appealing to the mind and can make you fall in love with it.


If you are really fond of good music and are now fed up of the latest Bollywood love and party songs, just listen to these amazing fusion songs of Indian Ocean Band.

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