5 Situations Every English Honours Student Has To Face

One of the best things about college is that you get to study the subject of your choice and focus just on that. But there always are people who know absolutely nothing about your subject and judge it on the basis of the general view of it. For example, Psychology students are deemed as mind readers, Philosophy students are ‘antaryami babas, and students of English are wannabe writers. No matter what your subject is, you always face a bunch of questions that make you go, “seriously?” (*Rolls their eyes*)
Here are some of the most annoyingly hilarious situations that every student of English faces.
  • Been told it’s ‘Just English’
Right from our school days we have this thought inscribed into our minds that you don’t need to study for English exams, ‘it’s just English’ but that is not the case. It is not just English when you are majoring in that subject. It is a sum total of literary terms no one has ever heard of, antonyms and synonyms you never knew existed, use of phrases that made no sense before and a bunch of writing skills that NEED to be aced. It isn’t ‘just English’ people. We too are just as much worried during exams as all you Public Administration Honours, and Psychology Honours students.
  • Treated as personalised dictionaries
It is naturally expected of every student of English to have a good vocabulary. It is our subject; we have to know a few more words than students of other subjects. But no people, we do not memorize the whole damn dictionary and we do not know the meaning of each and every new word that you encounter. Every time someone says to meachha is word ka matlab btaiyo’ (Oh, just tell me the meaning of this word) all I want to say is go look in the dictionary and leave me alone.
  • Been asked to write a leave application, a speech, an article and what not!
It is a total pain when you are majoring in English and you have a younger sibling because all his/her holiday homework, application for leave, speeches, articles and what not are your responsibilities. Not just that, now that your family knows you are pursuing English, you will have to write stuff for the son of the brother of the husband of the aunt of your mother’s third cousin.
  • Been asked to mention them in your book!
Whenever you tell someone you are a student of English they automatically assume that you wish to become a writer and the next thing that comes out of their mouth is ‘apni book me mera naam zarur likhna’ (Do write my name in your book). First of all, not all English Honours students wish to become writers and secondly, even if they do, the only reason why they would actually mention your name is if they had to write about that certain someone who annoyed the hell out of them. – Sincerely your writer friend. 🙂
  • Been termed as the Grammar-Nazi!
Correct them once, and you become the Grammar-Nazi. It’s not like we enjoy correcting you- well not all the time at least. Sometimes we just cannot help it. What do you do when somebody says, ‘I did not said that’? You correct them.

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