5 Signs that you are a level 100 stalker


Every group has this one person who knows everybody a little too much. We all feel creepy about it but by the end of the day we all have a stalker living in each one of us.

  • Stalked before seen.

Every time you come across a human specie, you get a ‘Dejavu’ but that’s when you realise that it’s actually a ‘Stalk-A-Vu’, you know that you have ALREADY stalked them too!

  • You know the entire CLAN!

A stalwart stalker would not leave a single stone unturned. Apart from knowing every human, who the person is related to, you would also have the slightest details of the latest wedding attended by him/her.

  • Human GOOGLE

Even before meeting somebody you know the places they have visited, schools they have studied and what not. And if that’s not enough, you have judged people on their pre-puberty photos. And yes! even before you meet them.

  • Your Friends Look Up To You.

A friend has a new crush about whom she knows nothing, well, ‘A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed’ isn’t it !
You are the official ‘Google’ of your group, that boy has absolutely no idea, but you’ve got all !

  • The ‘Friend’s- Friend’s- Sister’s-Friend’s Boyfriend’ Chain!

If you have smiled just after reading the heading, then you totally know what we’re talking about. Its just this long long chain of people , very weirdly related but what’s more weird is that you know everybody in every step and wait till it gets worse, none of them are friends with you, NONE!

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