5 shades to being ‘Holi-ness’ to ‘Non-Holi lads’


“Rang barse bheege chunar vali rang barse”, echoing with thumps and bass. Hearing the sound of colours touching your delicate visage around. Yes, Holi is here!

But there are peeps who don’t like to wrap themselves up in the vibrant layers of these festive hues. Maybe because they don’t like it. Or maybe, because of the ‘Katrina-radiance’ they got and they might not want to play with it.

So pals, no worries. You got to pocket this holi, get up and clasp on to these five simple ways that can truly turn your “in-my-chamber” holi to ‘wow-chamber” one!

1. Tune your pain-brushes to the holi aura- 

That’s natural, not going out and staying in. But holi is a grand day. Colours accommodate a significant place in our lives. And playing with them or getting cosy with them is also important. So all you paint-magicians, you better play with your canvas. Get something on your sheets that entail the massive theme of holi. You’ll feel the holi-ness of the day and also you will sprinkle around, with your artistic mind and fingers, the essence of it.

2. Dance and sing to the colourful melodies- 

There’s music around and enthusiasm festooning the spirit. But of course sometimes, you don’t feel like doing that socially. Or, maybe you’re not that one binding the mehfils. So what’s the big deal? You have your music system. You got the right track. Don’t just TV away your hours, get up and shake your body to the magnificence of this day. You’ll feel good. Maybe you also happen to do away with the current depressing issue in your life. Try it, do it. I say!

3. Let your recipes wear colours

If you like cooking and kitchen is where your talent shows up, and then grab your magic wand. You just make some colourful and delightful dishes this time and surprise your family. Experiment your cooking-knowledge with something new. Make exotic salads and sweets. Garnish rice with something catchy and delicious. Wake up you hidden master chefs and dazzle all with your hands this holi. And believe me the joy is going to be different from the usual. This holi you’ll satiate people with true colours of joy and fullness.

4. “Design-decorate-delve” into your imagination-

We like beautifying our homes. We like to show our aesthetic sense or we even happen to flaunt it at times. That’s pretty cool. Do it this holi. Make beautiful rangolis, if you don’t want colours on your face. Turn your fingers and imagination traditional this time and create a holi interior at your home. 

Holi is the essence of togetherness and flowering positivity, so grab a book that flashes smile on your face. Make sure that you don’t resound your mood with the idea or dialogue “ Holi is just another simple day for me, I don’t play holi maen”, NO! The symbolism lies and letting your soul spring up in the bold colours of freshness and happiness.

5. They need someone, share joy- 

I say go to a place where you have kids who can’t afford to buy colours. Find them and give them their share of joy. Tell them the meaning of this day. Dance with them and play around. Buy them chocolates or take something along that you’ve cooked. Paint a true picture of humanity and witness the joy that enters your soul.

Colours stay with us all the time. Colours are our moods. Colours define our stature of mind and state. Colours just fill life. Why not celebrate their presence in life with our own flavour and taste for them. Why not have our own kind of holi.

Stay happy and live young! HOLI HAIIII

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Roshni Ahuja

Roshni Ahuja (MCM College 36)

20! English honours. Logolept.
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