5 shades of people you see in B-SCHOOL

The label of B-School sells more than any other ‘Educational Brand’. But, if you expect to see a queue of nerds across the campus, with laptops loaded with presentations and the researcher’s look on, YOU NEED TO THINK AGAIN! We bring to you 5 types of people at MBA colleges!
5. The Campus Celeb or The Party Animal:
This person does it all – he brings the party with him where ever he goes. He’s in 4 different clubs, president of two of them, oh and not to mention that he is attractive, witty, and outgoing! He might not know who you are, but you would definitely know him. It doesn’t matter what night it is; it’s always a Friday to this person and it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. You can find him highly active between 10pm and 2am either dancing on a table, taking shots at the bar, or stumbling back home in party attire.

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4. The Pre-professional:
This guy is always going on and on about startup ideas. He’s always seen around the campus in formals, sending e-mails on his smartphone and juggling a mug of coffee in the other. This person has the knack to make you question whether you’re doing enough to help your future, or whether you’re turning into the slacker. 
3. The Slacker:
Also popularly known as the backbencher, this guy is the one who believes that his life is sorted and he needn’t worry about the B-school. He usually starts his day around 12 noon, shows his face to the world and comes back to his lair, only to sleep and rest some more. 
“Was that due today?!” the slacker went into college in the mindset that C’s get degrees and work is for the poor folk. 
 The Slacker
2. The Creep:
You’ll mostly see this guy at an open party, snaking his arms around girls from behind and grinding with them without any invitation. He’s of an unidentifiable age, for all we know he could be a 24-year-old economist, or a 17-year-old townie from the local high school, not to forget that all the guys at the party are “his boys.” He’ll offer to buy you a drink, hound you for your number, and basically stalk you to a creepy level. If you make the regrettable mistake of succumbing to a Creep’s advances, you’ll need to ignore his sketchy 1 a.m. texts for weeks to shake him off your trail. Avoid this type at all costs— they are usually the ones who would pretend to ‘accidentally’ stalk you on social media as well.
 Creepy Guy
1. The Ghost
He is literally a ghost! Only during the examinations, you’ll see him around and then wonder about his identity, only to realize that he is your classmate. This person is only seen on the syllabus day, the midterm, and the final!
The Ghost
So, which one amongst them are you or which one are you intending to become? ;P
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