5 Ridiculous Questions Every Psychology Student Faces


Being a student of psychology can be very overwhelming at times and sometimes a pain, because it’s a hard subject but because of certain ‘external pressures’. There is a lot of taboo related to this subject and every now and then you will find yourself being faced with such intriguing questions that will have you questioning your own sanity, if you’re one of those (UN) fortunate enough to take Psychology.

1) Can you predict my future?
point-1Every now and then you’ll get encountered by some sci-fi buff who will mistake you for Yoda from Star Wars or Professor Xavier from X-Men and although it sounds very cool on paper after a while you just shake your head and say “No I’m sorry I left my crystal ball at home today. Also it’s not part of the syllabus… yet”.

2) Are you a face/palm reader?
point-2Another variety of geniuses that you might come across are the astrology lovers. They will very enthusiastically stick out their hand towards you and blatantly ask you for a palm reading. Most times it is best to go with the flow and make some money while you’re at it, but other times they will have you thinking that maybe you should just become a pundit and cop a squat under some banyan tree. Maybe buy some tarot cards and a parrot.

3) Do you think I’m crazy?

point-3If you finally have some luck and you’re actually able to explain that psychology is more of a science and you test intelligence, and study about abnormality you are in for another treat. At this point you will most likely be blitzed with a smug grin accompanied by “tujhe sab pagal lagte hain?” and at this point your best comeback can only be “yes, especially now more than ever”.

4) Can you tell what I’m thinking right now?
pointIf people don’t ask for readings and diagnosis, count your blessings but don’t take a sigh of relief just yet. You might not be accused of being a swindler but you can still be taken for a vampire or a Jedi, the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately mind reading does not fall in the subject matter of psychology. But give us a couch and someone to psychoanalyze and we’re in business.

5) Do you judge and observe people all the time?

point-4Yes, but then again who doesn’t? One of the first things taught in psychology is that a therapist should always be non-judgmental and open minded. So you can always rely on them to be understanding and excellent confidantes. See we’re not bloodsucking monsters after all. But that doesn’t mean we won’t suck your blood, while you’re not watching.

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Sakshi Kaushal (DAV College)

Sakshi Kaushal (DAV College)

A final year student of psychology at DAV College with a love for reading, writing, movies, music, food, TV series and dogs.


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