5 reasons why your village is the best place to be in the holidays!

1. I am on a diet
Your staple diet will definitely be Sarson da Saag and Makki di roti with lassi, and not to forget 100 grams of white butter per meal. The village is no place for your small appetite. You will lose your respect in the eyes of the villagers if you eat anything less than three of those massive rotis. And always remember that Gurh is the quintessential dessert. So don’t forget to renew your gym membership once you’re back in town.
2. Some clean air please?
Well if you’re from Delhi, this village trip is like SOS. After all the traffic, pollution and bustle, who doesn’t need to breathe a whiff of fresh air and calm their over active mind? Your village is going to be the best getaway for that, as you’ll be surrounded by the fields and the fresh air will be all yours to take in.
Some peace of mind will help you think clearly and maybe ponder over why someone would choose the colour purple for the new 2,000 rupee notes.
3. I miss being the ‘Centre of Attention’!
Do you miss Gossip Girl writing about you? Do you still want to be the centre of attention? Well, once you are spotted in the village, you will be made to feel like a tourist attraction. The villagers will initially think you are a foreigner and will place bets on your nationality. You will be the topic of their conversation at dinner as well. The children around will want to flaunt the two words on English they know. Women will want to invite you over to their place for food and tea.
4. I love my ‘Over-Complicated Life’:
Five assingments to make, 3 TV shows to watch, 300 text messages to reply to, 5 parties to reach and ten pictures to post. That’s the city life. As much as you may love all that, sometimes, the simplicity of the village leaves you spellbound. The sheer purity of things around you, transport you to a much calmer space. And anyway, people who live closer to the land are more peaceful and centered, their lives more simple and stress-free.
5. I need my space, let me be:
At home, everyone is breathing down your throat and telling you what to do and what not to. Your village will have open spaces that will help you feel a sense of freedom. You will be able to walk alone and feel like you are in charge of your own life. There will be a sense of empowerment as well, which will probably come from the army of chickens that will be walking  with you. But your village is definitely the right place to be if you need to activate all the cells of your brain, and maybe to  hatch a perfect plan for murder.

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