5 Reasons Why We All Love Chandigarh!

It is no secret that Chandigarh commands a natural superiority when it comes to greenery, cleanliness and an impeccable road system. This domination quite visibly trickles down to the Chandigarhians’ heart and we all take it as a matter of immense pride to be a part of this classic city that surpasses all scales of beauty and perfection. Here are a few reasons why, in all fairness, our city beautiful, deserves every smidgen of this attention:
1) Reliable people
realiableThe advantage of being a ‘local’ is that the people are true to their word and there are meek chances of getting duped. There are connections that people have formed with their neighbors, shopkeepers, sabjiwalas, doctors, dry cleaners, tuition teachers, jewelers, photographers, ever since the city came into being and these are being passed on from one generation to another, without any possibility of the existence of a ‘better dealer’. This loyalty is definitely honored by everyone. Thus, stability and constancy are the elements that drive relationships here.
2) At the foothills
hillRight at the foothills of the Himalayas, us, Chandigarhians can always boast of the satisfaction we get out of our sudden and spontaneous trips to the hills in order to beat that ever rising temperature! Whether we want to plan an impromptu college group outing or a solo trip, this city and the nearby hills clearly cater to all such needs.
3) Smaller social circles
societiesThe perk of a small city is that everyone knows everyone! And with the rise of many clubs and societies, the social culture has expanded many-fold. Every time you get introduced to a new friend or an extended circle, you are bound to get acquainted with at least ten more groups. This social culture makes the ‘settling in’ easier, and a lot quicker!
4) Increasing opportunities
opportunitiesUnlike the metropolitan world, our city beautiful not only exudes a sense of belongingness, but is becoming increasingly eclectic when it comes to creating jobs, conducting seminars and inviting all sorts of national clubs. The city will soon be hitting the top charts of the entire Northern region’s most attractive places.
5) Roads and greenery!
chandigarhThis one is a definite given! Chandigarh is probably the only city with an unofficial ‘Geri Route’, and it is to be credited to the perfectly paved roads, the exploding tree population and the beautiful city squares (chowks) and thus the landscape has our entire heart in it’s pocket!  Most Chandigarhians settled in other parts of the country or even abroad, can never love those cities the way they love Chandigarh because it’s like a forever-long love magnet!

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Nimrat (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

(Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

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