5 Reasons Why We Adore Justin Trudeau

With the ongoing tumult in the United States, war and destruction in South Western Asia and the raging internal politics going on in our own country, it is safe to say the world is in chaos. Bombs are being blasted, walls are being built and CMs are coming and going like local trains. But there is one man, one leader, who gives us hope that all is not lost. He makes us believe that there is a chance that this bleak and dark world can and will be filled with rainbows, sunshine and unicorns. We are talking about none other than the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. With his natural charisma, magnetic personality and sincere compassion, he is ruling hearts globally.
Here are 5 reasons we simply cannot not adore Trudeau.
1.  He welcomes refugees with open arms and open hearts:
point-1At a time where tensions are running high due to differing opinions on the refugee crisis, Trudeau has made it abundantly clear that Canada will help all those who need it and will provide the refugees with shelter and comfort, regardless of their religion, race or gender. This assurance by the PM, after its neighbour’s elitist decision, comes as a relief to many and keeps one optimistic.
2. He is a feminist!
point-2Giving a boost to the highly important and relevant movement of feminism, Trudeau, in his various speeches and actions, has upheld the value of equality. From urging everyone to identify as one, “We shouldn’t be afraid of the word ‘feminist’. Men and women should use it to describe themselves anytime they want”, to preaching tolerance and acceptance of others’ traditions (regarding French Burkini Ban), he has shown his feminist side. But his most historic step was in 2015 when he announced a 30 person Cabinet consisting of equal number of men and women. He was proud to “present to Canada a cabinet that looks like Canada.”
3. He has made climate change a ‘Priority’:
point-3At a time when many leaders are denying the existence and adverse effects of climate change in the face of glaring evidence, Trudeau, by ratifying the Paris Agreement of 2015, has stepped up to ensure Canada contributes to the solution. Climate change is real, it is happening and Trudeau’s action plan to fight climate change has proved his willingness to work for the betterment of the planet.
“Canada is back, my friends. Canada is back and here to help.”
4. He is the world’s first leader to march in a gay pride parade:
point-4Promoting inclusivity and personifying it, Trudeau became the world’s first known leader to ever march in gay pride parade. Having been a part of these parades before, it was the 2016 Toronto parade in which he marched as the Prime Minister. Furthermore, he also issued an apology to all those people of the Canadian LGBT community, who have been fired, imprisoned, or discriminated against because of their sexuality. Trudeau also has announced a bill that would guarantee legal protections for transgender people in Canada.
5. He is hilarious and fun-loving:
point-5While we have established that Justin Trudeau is an excellent PM and one of the best world leaders, it also is important to focus on his fun, quirky and goofy side. From high-fiving Prince George to breaking out in bhangra, he is an absolute delight. He likes Superman, he is hilariously awkward and his bromance with Obama is the stuff right out of fairy tales (well, badly written fan fictions). From one arm push ups and Twitter banter with the Obamas, to effortlessly shutting down a reporter by explaining quantum computing, Trudeau has done it all, and done it all well. Cherry on the cake is the fact that he is ‘gorgeous’!
With clear inclusive policies, actions representing values of tolerance and acceptance, and effortless charm, Justin Trudeau is doing something (read: everything) right.
Keep ‘em coming, Trudeau!
Let’s go to Canada already!

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Rupal Chopra (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Rupal Chopra (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

A kaleidoscopic swirl of the luminous colours of happiness, adventure, humour, love, friendship and art is basically who I am, along with quite a strong wave of irony. Also, I am having an affair with my tv and a multitude of novels.


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