5 Reasons Why Not to Think Twice Before Adopting a Dog


Disclaimer: The following content makes use of ‘him’ instead of ‘it’ to refer to a dog. Because well, dogs are human, or better! 

Many of us think several times before adopting or keeping a pet at home. However, we many a times we have a big NO popping up in our head because of some or the other reason. To all those fellow humans who have or have had thought of not keeping a dog as pet, are the 5 reasons why you should:

  1. Constant Friend:
    They say “Dogs are the only creatures who love you more than they love themselves”. Trust me when I say it without sounding too clichèd that they do keep reminding you that no matter who you are and what you do they will never be condemnatory about anything which the world judges you for.point-1
  2. Glee:
    Every time you come back home after a bright day, they end up making it brighter. And even though they can’t do much about the bad stuff that happened, their very face wants you to be thankful for so much in life. A home with a dog is always a happier place!smile
  3. Sense of belonging:
    A dog has the power to make you feel like he belongs to you in particular. You feel responsible towards him. You would probably do so much for him to wag his tail out of happiness.dog
  4. Entertaining:
    A dog never fails to entertain not only humans but probably every other pet around. They are usually ready to do anything to seek attention. A person with a dog has a new story to tell everyday. They probably end up having all the attention in a place full of humans.untitled-1-recovered
  5. Cuddles and Cuddles:
    Last but not the least is that there isn’t any ‘no’ to hugs. You can hug your pet all day long and he wouldn’t whine one bit.point-last

Dogs as a pet are a bliss and these happy faces make me NEVER regret the decision of owning them.

About the Author:

Kudrat Cheema (UILS, PU Campus)

Kudrat Cheema
(UILS, PU Campus)

Currently a student of UILS, PU, I did my schooling from Mayo, Ajmer. I love to travel, taste new food, solve Sudoku and play hockey. Writing is my stress-buster!


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