5 reasons why long drives drive you crazy!


“Where the dreams run and grow, where the heart flourishes and streams of life flow,
Where gets made the relationship between sleep and eyes, oh…
Running car, it is the tranquil drive that beauty gets on a show!”

What do you all seek when you’re tired? What do you all look for when you want to have some ‘Me time’? What do you people do when you suddenly get to know that there’s an off in the office or college and you can mimic a free bird for a day? What do you all do?

Ah! And how can I miss on this one, when you want to have a hot glass of milk loaded with cream from your favourite sweet shop after dinner! What do you do then?

You just grab the key and press the accelerator of your car and there you go. You go for a DRIVE!  Can you believe it? Drives are such a candy to our routines. There’s an unusual pleasure in measuring the roads while having long drives and then moments turn into acres of happy-lands, all to be tread by you alone.

I say why not take a look into the bag which has 5 reasons that make driving an amazing errand for our beating hearts…



This is absolutely true, sometimes all you need is a good song, a bottle of fruit-beer, a smooth-road and the steering wheel. That rejuvenates you and the stress evaporates in just 10 minutes. There’s a chunk of serenity that abounds you and all you feel is your perfect self.



All the painters, photographers, writers and wanderers would definitely agree that driving gets you the ocean of ideas and the boost to create the masterpieces. Driving through the hilly roads or finding ways in the rainy days make it all the more interesting. You’ll notice how beautiful rainy day-drives are, how peaceful is the breeze that meets your face while driving! It does charge up your hidden romantic cells and you start imagining your bae and you driving away the moments. And if the song on the F.M tunes with moment, oh, it becomes a brief-boon for that time. Drives! Drives! And DRIVES! Love the land with movement, right?



“Hey bro, sup? Let’s go for a drive, I’m loving the weather.” All of us get hit by these lovable slangy texts from our BFFs. Because long drives leave that deep an imprint on any of our bonds. You talk, you sing, you wolf-down the packets of chips together, you just become the craziest and happiest versions of yourselves!



When you travel, you discover, and you live. Whenever you’re able to make time for yourself and you just go for short road trips, you come across new places. That can be a new dhaba, a new resort, new temple or any other place. This way your wanderlust gets fruitful and also you tend to become every possible kind of blogger- that of travels, food and what not! Isn’t it? That becomes such an interesting way of doing away with boredom. And then you get to meet some new people too. The amalgamation of thoughts, deep conversations everything turns it into a great experience.



When you plan road trips with your family, you welcome warmth. You just get into the fine process of cooking delicious moments of life. Every journey then becomes an unforgettable chapter in your travel-book. When you are close to nature and your loved ones, you actually experience that which we call ‘Joy’. There’s a mammoth pleasure in listening to the music and in just looking around the place.


“Let’s get lost into the deep roads and serene air.” 

Seriously we all want it in times of self-fixing phases or just to hangout with the natural bounties. All I want to say is that this wanderlust is just unique and experiencing it is itself amazing. If you love the flavour of newness or if you love the attire of poetry on your emotions, then befriend long drives. They supply you with a lot and a lot more of energy which is only manufactured in the “motor-movements-of-moments”. Your cameras await your hand to land on the steering. Who knows maybe your mood really wants to have a good drive! Just go, why sitting?


P.S. Since music is like a sensuous ingredient to the kingly-drives, don’t forget to take your favourite playlist along with you!

Go, make your way

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