5 Reasons Why Goonj 2017 Is Definitely A No Miss!


Goonj, the techno-cultural fest of University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) is just around the corner! No matter if you are a technorat, art lover, dance-enthusiast, admirer of poetry or a fashion fanatic, what Goonj assures is that it has something to offer to each one of you.

PU Mirror does your part of homework and gets to you five reasons to look forward to Goonj:

1. Technical Events:

12819175_520280344810913_8519618146522530247_oGoonj has amazing events lined up for all the techie people out there. Bug Smash, Code It, Byte the Hint, Robo-Soccer, Code for Crown, Track it, Cad master, Dump-a-ling are to name a few!

2. Cultural Events:

10553791_520832491422365_1758323682214778039_oMr. and Miss. Goonj is one of the most awaited events of this fest, with all the beautiful and elegant people taking part. There are events like the Talent Hunt where people showcase their skills and take away the prestigious title; Step Up, a group dance competition with flash costumes and upbeat music, Street-Mayhem; Nukkad-Nattak; Rap-ka-Badshah and to cherish and enjoy the beauty of our very own Punjabi culture we have Chak-de-Phatte, a bhangra competition.

3. Literary & Photography Events:

12795173_519935024845445_4583305015974038995_oAll the poetry, debate and literature lovers, there are many events for you to engage your attention. There is 4-tron, which consists of a series of levels including Anagrams, Pictionary, JAM and Dabangg; Beg Borrow Sell; Eloquence; Jung-e-galib, a poetry face-off; Speak-Out; Eye Spy, the famous treasure hunt of GOONJ-UIET are some other events to list. Taabir, Pictures Que, the online-photography competition with the theme “Incredible India” comes in too. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that each of these events are set to
come out with a twist!

4. Fun & Art Events:

sportsThere are multifarious fun activities here at Goonj. Ranging from the online events like Dubsmash to the Gully version of cricket, which will surely make you nostalgic about childhood, to Basketball to Futsala, a variant of association football and Bidwell to 50 bucks. With IPL season starting very soon, Goonj presents a similar scenario with IPL auction. Also, there are some interesting events for art lovers like Face Painting and Rangoli Making.

5. Star Night:

12495949_520280248144256_7202803710009702251_oIn the three day extravaganza at Goonj 2017, the major night events are the Band Night, Fashion-Show and the most awaited Star Night, which always leaves the crowd in an exulted and euphoric mood.

The pre-events of the festivity have already begun with the flash-mob and the team is all set to bring out ‘Goonj’ with the traditional dhol beats and boliyaan at the ‘Jaago’ night on March 16th.

You are all invited to come, become part and enjoy this amazing and enthralling festivity!

About the Author:

Suhani Bhasin (UIET, PU Campus)

Suhani Bhasin (UIET, PU Campus)

Suhani Bhasin is an Engineering student from UIET, who is enchanted by the wizarding world of Harry Potter. She loves reading and writing poetry while sipping a good cup of coffee.


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