5 reasons why CHANDIGARH DI KUDIYAN are the coolest


Someone wrote a song saying, “oh yaaron sheher Chandigarh diyan kudiyan att ne bai att ne bai att ne!”
Wasn’t he just damn right? Indeed!
The craziest bombshells are found in our city beautiful and we are going to give you some of the reasons that why they are the coolest! #CoolerThanIce.

1. Love shove te chicken butter masala
Chandigarh girls are the ultimate foodies. They gorge on delicious food and will never think about their weight or diet when it comes to FOOD. They don’t diet, they workout. Also, majority of them can cook mouthwatering dishes too. Plus one!


2. Punjabiyan di battery charge rehndi eh
They are always up for adventures and clubbing and all the barmy stuff one can think of. They are party freaks (might have better capacity than most guys too. You never know) and they can go from balle balle to hip hop in a flick of time. “Marjaani paundi bhangraa angreji beat te”. #truestory


3. Proper Patola
A perfect blend of sexy and charming is what a Chandigarh girl is. They look sizzling in any outfit they wear, be it a black suit or a choti dress. They know how to carry their outfits with poise and how to look presentable All. The. Time.


4. Namaste Chandigarh
No matter how modern they are, their values and traditions are always with them. A Chandigarh girl is the ideal definition of “Ladki bohot sanskaari hai”. She might go clubbing every weekend and enjoy her life to the fullest but that doesn’t mean she lacks values! Inside the overly-barmy hot chic lives a traditional girl. They are the kind of girls who wouldn’t cross someone without greeting them or at least without smiling at them. No wonder everyone loves Chandigarh girls!


5.Oh teri behen di!
You think only guys can swear in Punjabi? Wait till you meet a Chandigarh girl. They are big time pros in swearing in Punjabi. Don’t mess up with a Chandigarh di kudi. Just sayin’.


These reasons sum up as to why Chandigarh di kudiyan are the coolest. Ain’t nobody like my Chandigarh girl!
Way to go Chandigarh valiyeee!

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