5 reasons why being single is the best


Yes, with Valentine’s day coming around, being a witness to all the love going around can be a LITTLE irritating ( if you come and tell me what you received for the V day you are officially non-existent). So I decided to feel better about myself and the entire single community by listing all the reasons why we rock. We do. I’m certainly not going to be sitting at home on valentine’s day with a tub of ice cream and a weepy movie on. Not. Going. There. Anyway, moving on :

  • Preserved sanity– No fighting over who didn’t call, who forgot THE date ( the guy obviously), who didn’t say ‘i love you baby’ , the post breakup drama and so on.


single 1


  • No gift exchanging –The best part of Valentine’s  for us is , we don’t have to worry about buying a gift and then worry about hiding it too.
    I mean who wants teddy bears and jewellery and chocolates and chocolates and more chocolates anyway… (sob)

Single 2

  • Free time –“baabu im sholly, baby tumne dinner kia ” etc. Gag.
    I’d rather spend my time learning how to talk to dolphins. With so much of  time, learn how to dance, cook, do a headstand, watch the sunset. Whatever.

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  • No sneaking around – Unless you have uber cool parents, you’ve probably tried everything from ‘i have extra classes today’ to ‘ just having out with friends’. Well love’s not easy but hey, you brought it upon yourself and we are spared all of this.

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  • No ice cream sharing –Butterscotch. Chocolate. Ice cream. All by yourself. Need I say more?

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