5 reasons to watch out for MCM maha job fest


“Oh I wish….Yes, I so want to own it.”

We keep yearning and desperately desiring for things, things we crave for or are persuaded to buy to fill our material-buckets. Well well, for all those making it to this list, for all those who want to turn their Prada conversation to actuality, for all the travel freaks or those who want to do anything fun that ultimately can end them up broke, *Knock Knock* MCM DAV College has this MAHA JOB FEST coming this 13th February.

Practically nothing in the world is free, so to add on to your bank balances, put on your formals and march directly to the college. Here we bring to you the glittery side of it

1) Biggies are coming for YOUR recruitment
We have a lot of attention problem and when we get it, we certainly shy away the opportunity. But not this one. Without if-fing and but-ting come and attend the fest, because some real big names are coming to take you in. If you have the capability, why not avail it? You might be the one lucky lad this time. Moreover, any graduate/BE/BTech/MCA/MBA can apply (Ting-Tong)

2) Find exposure!
Yes, explore the coming opportunities cause 40+ companies will be present to fulfill your aspirations. Not only you’ll get a chance but also knowledge of how to face an interview. So many companies will be at your disposal, urging you to have a taste of it. Then why not wake from your slumber and utilize this weekend for your future. It sure will give you a kick to try; be it designing, content writing, software development, banking, insurance, hotel industry, etc etc.

3) A Litmus-Test For Your Skills:
Just as the litmus paper, it will be as decisively indicative of your skills. It might be a mock test for all the job aspirants. You’ll get know your faults and recognize your true abilities. Might be, you think you’re a good designer but you never know you can be a writer as well.

4) Complan or Horlicks to your Confidence
Well yes, whatever company you choose, be it Complan or Horlicks or Boost, it will be the secret of your confidence. The first time to anything opens you up a little. Facing the suited-monster who vigorously questions you, will tinge up your confidence level a little. Perhaps, it might take you to different places as well.

5) A Surge in Contact list:
Take it seriously when someone says, “when you want success you need to have contacts”, obviously parallel to your talent. Therefore MCM paves for you a ‘hurdel-less’ way to make new acquaintances. You’ll get a chance to meet new people and find someone of your own caliber. Probably, it might be the best way to find new ideas and jobs at other end.

And when the college ‘MCM’ is associated with it, doesn’t it give it a ‘must try’ tag automatically? Yes, it does! 

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