5 Reasons to love GGDSD College


1. The crowd and the goodwill.

Needless to say, GGDSD college has the best crowd (plus, it is co-ed.) and goodwill than the other colleges in town. It was clearly evident when the seats for B.com were filled in less than two hours on the very first day of counselling. Every time you tell an acquaintance or relative that you’re in this college, they’ll be generous enough to say, “Beta mujhe toh pehle he pta tha tu intelligent hai.”

SD Crowd

2. Elections

The most competitive and delightful time in GGDSD is during the elections. Since, we don’t have individual candidates, members of various parties will be at the beck of your call. They’ll be mild enough to entertain you when your friends are not around and favor you with an ice-tea or frappe under the scorching heat of the sun. (who know’s you might even find the love of our life, then *wink*).

sd elections

3. Girls common room

To all those boys out there, whose girlfriends or sisters (I know guys don’t make sisters in college, just being decent) refuse to tell them what is there in the girls common room, I am going to unravel the biggest mystery of your life. Soooo, the girls common room has mirrors, and chairs, and mirrors (Haha, what else were you expecting!?) . Where you can just go and come out with a make-over.

girlscomman room

4. Clubs

In today’s world , which is a heady mix of rapid development and its accompanying luxuries and materialistic delights, GGDSD college provides various clubs such as Literary club, Theater club, Photography club etc. which help in grooming the personality of the students.

Sd Club

5. Manasuday” -“The awakening of the mind”

In case you feel that you have lost the control of the steering wheel of your life, and want to stay away from the “moh-maaya”, you can just go and sit in the Manasuday. For those who don’t know what Manasuday is, it is a stress management center in college where you can go and meditate and have one-to-one counselling (You can precisely even sleep in peace there).

sleep in peace

Apart from these, we have panchayat ( UMT) in the midst of the Sahara Desert (ground) which acts as a blessing in disguise when there is no place in canteen , one of the best auditorium in Chandigarh and how can we forget the super tasty black-current shake !

So, two minutes of silence for all those who couldn’t get admission in GGDSD because their percentage was 0.01% less, and were under general pool.

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