5 Reasons Not To Miss ‘Homebound’ This November


What keeps the City Beautiful maintain its beauty is the fact that it keeps on buzzing with lively events one after the other. Count on number of poetry slams, stand-up comedy and most importantly, musical festivals to engage you throughout full 12 months. And with the 11th month of this year shooting up right on the calendar, the entertainment level is destined to satisfy your stay in the city!

This November 25th, catch Worker Bee taking the bars high with the ever-awaited ‘Homebound Music Festival’. So here is why not to stay homebound and attend The Homebound instead.

1.) Homebound
As the name suggests this particular fest is dedicated to the city Chandigarh. Happening in Sector 34A and organised by Worker Bee, it is dedicated to the City Beautiful, their home. It is made by people belonging to Chandigarh, who understand what people here wants. Rest assured that you will be attending to those who understand your pulse for music, and you won’t be disappointed.

2.) The First of Its Kind
There have been some music festivals, but most of the times they are an hour away from the main city. It would be unfair to call them a Chandigarh music festival. Homebound is going to happen in the heart of the city, the first of its kind music festival in Chandigarh.

3.) This Isn’t Your College Fest
I’m sure you have been to dozens of ‘DJ Nights’ and ‘Star Performances’ in College fests, but a music festival is a different beast altogether. Let’s be honest, the fests in the city leave a lot to be desired and Homebound might be the perfect remedy for the deficiency.

4.) The Food, The People, The Memories
It’s like you enter a whole different world for one night. From the food, the place to the people, it is a little island of its own, an island you never want to leave. The food and the people are going to be amazing of course, but more importantly the memories you make that day are going to be some of the best moments of your life.

5.) Music Of Every Taste
There is one of the most versatile and talented group of artists coming together for the festival. The debut edition brings home the likes of Prateek Kuhad, Parvaaz, Saby & The Local Train. If folk-pop is your call, you will get to listen to Prateek Kuhad in his minimalist yet life-capturing recordings. Plus, there is Saby Singh in the line-up, a trained Tabla, Harmonium and Harmonica player. And if that was not enough, the event is surely planned so far to exceed your expectations with Parvaaz and The Local Train. Be prepared to forget the world and get lost in the music here in Homebound.

Catch this musical feast on November 25th, from 6:00pm to 10:00pm at The Back Room Gardens, Sector 34A, Chandigarh. Grab your tickets here at https://insider.in/event/worker-bee-presents-homebound-nov25

To know more about Worker Bee, click https://www.facebook.com/workerbeeproduction?fref=ts

Show your fandom at https://www.facebook.com/events/808629142613088/

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Himanshu Goel (UIET, PU Campus)

Himanshu Goel

Himanshu Goel is a 20 year old engineering student in Punjab University, India. He is featured in 101words.org, Flash fiction magazine, a long story short, beam me up podcast and Polychrome Ink and forthcoming in The Singularity and Flash Fiction Press. You can usually find him at a McDonald or a football field in Chandigarh. Instagram – lighthouse_magician


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