“Badal rahi hai aaj zindagi ki chaal zara
Issi bahaane kyun naa main bhi dil ka haal zara
Sanwaar loon haaye sawaar loon”

Can we be honest? Let’s be honest. I sit here with old Hindi songs playing in the background trying to make sense of the roller coaster ride that my life has been these past couple of months. A hoard of incoherent half-thought thoughts zip through my mind in seconds.
Admit it, we have all created castles out of sand and dreamt about the perfect college.
But actually going to college was very different from staring at Google images of ‘the’ college like a star-y eyed kid staring at candy.

Being someone who never planned on staying in Chandigarh for college, going to PU was both frustrating as well as overwhelming. So I first set foot in the university with certain notions about peopletalking in heavy Punjabi accents, bullets and student politics. But after spending better part of a month here these are the 5 reasons why I might fall in love with PU.

1)  The Campus :


Spread over a large area of 550 acres, Panjab University has a beautiful campus complete with sprawling lawns, guest and faculty houses, botanical and rose gardens and even an open air-theatre (yes!). A town in itself, the campus is full of lush green and serene hideouts that are perfect for having a little picnic with friends or bunking a lecture.

2)    The Student Centre :


The student centre is cheap and perfect for us gareebs. One of the major landmarks in the university, Stu-C is the most visited place on campus with delicious delicacies. The top floor houses the ‘Indian Coffee House’ and also provides a breathtaking panoramic view of it’s surrounding.

3)      The Main Library :


The main library that is spread over 4 floors and houses over 6 lakhs publications is a must to visit for someone who wants to spend a few peaceful hours pondering over their books. A Perfect place to burn the midnight oil, the library is a reader’s heaven.

4) The Atmosphere :

The Atmosphere of this wonderful place is almost magnetic. The Countless students at PU together create hundreds of fascinating constellations that will make you stare at them for hours. A place always abuzz with vibrant energy and infectious enthusiasm makes it hard for you to sit still.

5) My Course :

The one thing that genuinely gives me happiness and a ray of hope is the fact that I am studying the subject that I am passionate about. I get to experience the magic of my favorite subject everyday and that is what helps me remain optimistic even on the dullest of days.

If PU is as intriguing and magical as it seems to be, who knows I might actually be able to call it “home”.

About The Author 

Ashima Garg

Aashima Garg (Department of Economics, PU)

Writer.18 years old. Pursuing B.A. Economics (Hons) from Department of Economic, PU. I am a Hindi poetry enthusiast and an avid reader. I love binge watching movie and Sitcoms.


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