5 People who laughed in the face of Death


What scares the hell out of anyone? To be honest it is death. It is the only thing that makes people disturbed at times. Leaving your family away and passing away uncertainly can be a haunting thought. It is so scary that in mostly every nation it is treated as the highest penalty for a crime. Over the years we have had millions of epidemics killing innocents in large numbers. Take the wars for example, Syria and Iraq have lost majority of its population due to the current war between many forces in the Middle East.

Let’s have a look at those people who laughed at the face of death:

1. Georges Blind was a member of the French Resistance that opposed the Nazi forces. He was killed in October 1944. Here is picture of him facing an interrogation which involved a squad of Gunmen point with loaded guns at him and threatening to shoot. Blind though was unaware that it was threat and yet is seen laughing in the Picture below. It is believed that under the Nazi’s 30,000 French civilians were killed.

George blind


2) Titled as “Unknown Soviet Intelligence officer before being shot in 1942” this is a classified image from the Finland Defence ministry. This so called soviet intelligence officer is seen standing at gunpoint and smiling. Finland in the 1939-40 winter war was with the Germans. It is believed that Soviet spies entered through parachutes and around 588 were captured in Finland.


3) Stjepan Filipovic was a communist Yugoslav Opinionated who commanded a force in the Yugoslav resistance. He was captured by the Axis forces and hanged on June 22, 1942. Before his death he is seen in the picture shouting in resistance. He said “Death to fascism freedom to people”. He is now treated as a national hero.


4) Yukio Araki was a 17 Year old Japanese Corporal who can be seen holding the dog in the picture below. Araki a day after this went on a Suicide Kamikaze attack. On May 27, 1945 Araki and other members of the 72nd Shinbu Squadron went to attack USS Braine. The 17 year old Japanese crashed his plane into the USS Braine killing 66. He even wrote letters to family members before his mission.


5)  Japanese Aircraft carrier Zuikaku Sank in the battle of Cape Engano, this photograph shows the crew of the carrier cheering before it sank. It was taken down by 7 Torpedoes and 9 bombs. 842 soldiers died shouting ‘Banzai’ which meant “Long live his majesty the emperor”. 


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