5 New Year Resolutions that Everyone Fail at (And How Not to Fail)


New Year never comes without those same old resolutions that we dare ourselves to follow, but never keep an eye on. It’s in all of us, isn’t it? No matter how strong we try, only a part of this so called deal that we make with ourselves every year remains after a few months.
Let’s list down a few of these resolutions that we might have made sometime in the past and have failed to live up to them. Don’t worry we are in with HOW-TO for all of these.

1. Be More Fit


January always has record breaking gym subscriptions, and February always has the most cancellation, funny enough. People of all ages want to be fit and physically healthier at the New Year, but due to laziness, fatigue or just a changed mood, it is also the resolution that fails the most.

How to make it happen:
Start small, look for inspiration and understand that it takes time for a person to show an actual result, moreover, eat properly and stay true to yourself, find the right reason you want to be fit and remember that.

2. Eating Healthy


The second most failed resolution. The year starts off with kale, carrots, and juice. Halfway through it reaches burgers, brownies and wine (for some). This is also the toughest one to keep so unless you’re overweight or underweight, don’t bother. The fact of the matter is that we have too much unhealthy food, and not enough reasons to be health.

How to make it happen:
Go very slow, take small steps, do not skip meals and stay focused on small goals, do not be disappointed ever because results often take long, eat in moderation, never too less and never too much.

3. Studying Better


All of us would like more marks, but once again a week into the New Year, the books are in a pile under your laptop, and grades and marks are long forgotten. Every lesson is just waiting to be revised in a hurry the night before the exam.

How to make it happen:
Set realistic goals and make sure you stay motivated, your cause must be bigger than the laziness or distraction, not everyone can be a genius, but a genius can come from anywhere (credits to Disney).

4. Being Smarter


Not for the faint-hearted, as it is the general population does not care much for intelligence, wisdom, and brains but for those of us actually interested, it is a difficult struggle. Starting from the complexity which is always present with the beginning of learning to the time and patience required to perfect the skills, it goes wrong a lot.

How to make it happen:
It is advised to get a teacher or an instructor if it is official. It is easier to focus, and also, respect your speed and do not get stressed out if you are taking a piano class and you’re no Mozart by the end of February, any new skill is supposed to be an old and much-loved passion.

5. Being Happier


At the end of the day, all a person really wants is happiness. Put a label on it, put it in a box and gift wrap it. It is basically happiness, so why is it that the young essentially live in misery, most of them at least, when not neck deep in some distraction. No matter how hard you try, this resolution is the hardest to keep, because it’s not a momentary thing, but a process.

How to make it happen:
See the good side to everything, if there isn’t one, make a side that fills you with hope. When you are happy, be sure to cherish it. It is always more about the little joys and things that matter. Notice good things and have a very happy new year.

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Tarun Sharma (PGGC 11)

Tarun Sharma
(PGGC 11)

I am an ordinary boy trying to see the extraordinary every day, eccentric, complicated, creation driven and obsessed with science, art and  trans-humanism, its time i shared my perspective.


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