5 Must watch Romantic Movies


If you label yourself as the ‘die hard romantic’, and you haven’t seen any of the movies listed here, you really need to go home and reflect on the decisions that you’ve made in your life.

This following list does not include your regular Rom-com movies but movies that depicted what it means to really fall in love.

So, here’s the list of movies you should add to your “Movies to watch, no matter what” list.

Notting Hill:

The movie is based in a small neighborhood in London, Notting Hill and revolves around a travel bookshop owner, William Thacker and the Hollywood superstar Anna Scott. Living a mundane life, William cannot believe his luck when Anna Scott visits his bookshop, one fine summer morning after which what unfurls is a story that will keep you wanting for more.

Played by the ‘modern day greek gods’ Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, this modern day classic love story will surely make way amongst your top favorite movies.


Pretty Woman:

Yes, the score of the song pretty woman in Kal Ho Na Ho (more on this later) was taken from this movie.

This movie has Julia Roberts, Richard Gere and Rodeo Drive, in short all the things we want but can’t have.

Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) is a successful businessman while Vivian Ward, a prostitute. What was supposed to be a one-night stand blossoms into a really amazing love story.

You have to, have to watch this movie.

pretty women

You’ve got Mail:

A classic, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Period. That is a good enough reason to watch this movie. Joe Fox is a successful owner of bookstore chain, Fox Books. Kathleen Kelly is the owner of small, but famous reading bookstore. Rivals in the real world, determined to pull the other down but as life would have it, these two fall in love with each other on the internet. They must now come to terms with reality and choose love or rivalry.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:

Yes. That is the name of the movie. Don’t worry; the number of feels will be more than the words in the title.

The protagonists, played by funny man Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet (nominated for the best Actor role) decide to undergo a selective memory loss treatment to forget each other.

Phenomenal acting by the two actors, this movie is an emotional ride. It’s a personal favorite and far from those gooey love stories. This movie has depth. Received an overwhelming response from the viewers, it went on to win an Oscar in Best Original Screenplay category.

A must watch for all those struggling with the relationships or loss.


Before Sunrise:

Before Sunrise is one of those deeply philosophical movies that just compel you to ponder about life and succeeds in doing so. Travelling on a train to Vienna, Jesse, recently dumped by his girlfriend, meets Celine who decide to stop over in Vienna for a day and waltz around the city. The movie is nothing but two people having this intense, passionate conversation about life and God and everything that matters. Not one of your conventional love stories, but surely one to make you reflect on the kind of relationship you want.


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