5 Lessons To Learn From ’13 Reasons Why’

(Disclaimer: Spoilers Ahead! If you haven’t watched this hauntingly intriguing and thought provoking show already, kindly shield your eyes and go grab your laptops and start watching it right away!)
If you haven’t been living under a rock recently then you probably know that the new Netflix show, ‘13 Reasons Why, based on Jay Ashers novel by the same name, has taken the world by storm. Revolving around sensitive issues like bullying, teenage suicide and rape, the show has received positive reviews and high ratings from the critics as well as the audience. With brilliant performances by the entire cast, accompanied by an exceptional story, cinematography, direction and visuals, the show is a must watch for everyone!
Here are 5 main lessons to be learnt from this show.
  • Take a Stand: stigmaIt is immensely important to take a stand for yourself or for others when you witness something wrong happening. Had Hannah not kept quiet when Jessica got raped at her own party or had Tyler taken a stand for himself when he got bullied by his classmates every single day in school, things could have turned out to be better for everyone. When we consciously choose to not see something happening right under our noses and not stand up against it, we not only let the culprit get away but we also set into motion a cycle whereby numerous people could get hurt.
  • Talk About Mental Health: headerimage_1200It is high time that we remove the stigma attached to mental illness in our society and accept that it is a “normal” part of life that can be discussed at our dinner tables. And it is extremely important to seek professional help and talk about it with someone who is in the position of giving you the help that you require. Had Hannah been able to talk comfortably about what was going on in her life and seek professional therapy for the same, maybe she could have lived.
  • Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin:
    11111One thing that makes Clay Jenson instantly endearing and likeable is the fact that even though he is a socially awkward nerd, he is absolutely comfortable in his own skin. It is important to be your own person and know who you want to be rather than being someone whose only aim in life is to please everyone else.  At the end of the day it is you who has to live with yourself and your choices and nobody else.
  • Take Responsibility:16865129_881799928589263_4027794767104572340_n-640x213We, the human race, are constantly living in denial and refusing to take responsibility for our actions because we are afraid of the consequences. However, accepting our mistake is the first step towards a guilt-free conscience. When Sheri Holland took responsibility for the accident that she caused (that also led to Jeff’s death), she was not only able to ease her troubled heart but also take the first step towards closure.
  • Be Kind to Others:kindNobody knows what goes on in anyone’s life and how much impact their supposedly insignificant actions can have on it.  Nor do they realize how much a snide remark or a mean joke can hurt someone and mess up their life. The tiny little drawings of bunnies that Hannah received as a part of the ‘secret compliment box’ exercise in her communications class is what kept her going and gave her something to look forward to. So the next time you pass someone in the hall way, give them a friendly smile or a wave for you might just brighten up someone’s day.

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Aashima Garg (Dept. of Economic, PU Campus)

Aashima Garg (Dept. of Economic, PU Campus)

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