5 Indian TV Serials more rooted in Hollywood than in our hearts


Years have elapsed since I had an opportunity of sitting and watching an Indian TV serials, and I am really glad about it. This is to address all the Modi’s followers out there and to tell them that let alone products, even our TV serials are not purely made in India. I do not have any facts to support this, but observation.

In Indian TV serials, all it takes is some efficient cooking to make a sympathy inducing Hindi rom-com. The essential ingredients include:
1. A sati-savitri girl and a mumma’s boy (either of them possibly having 2 lives), after all yeh hai mohabbatein. 

2. A khadoos saasu-maa and a helpless father in law.

3. Script? Nah! You need more background music than dialogues.

A temple which witnesses all the secrets in the world, where everyone meets and a diya lamps out when something bad has to happen.

Now, pepper the hero with a set of problems (swaad-anusar), put some marriage in the pan till it’s warm and wait for it to turn into love. Mix it all with some (read ‘lots’) of drama and over-acting. Ta-da, the tadka is ready. Just advertise and tell the audience, Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.
In case you are deficient of any of the ingredients, you can watch some Hollywood shows and steal any you like. After all, India’s got talent. Ain’t it?
Here are a few shows where we showed this talent quite flawlessly:


  • Comedy nights with Kapil:  


The most-viewed comedy show, ‘Comedy nights with Kapil’ had massive resemblance to the show, ‘The Kumars at no. 42’, which stars a fictional British-Indian family and takes on guest interviews.


Bittu Sharma ji, you’ve passed in maintaining the legacy of being an Indian.


  • Bigg Boss:

big boss

This reality show hosted by Salman Khan, which has telecasted 9 seasons so far, is actually an adaption of the reality show, ‘Big Brother’, which again is originally based on ‘1984’ a book by George Orwell. Double piracy?

Bigg Boss, we are watching you!


  • Badi door se aaye hai: 

badi door

The serial which is inspired from American sitcom, ‘3rd Rock from the Sun,’ delineates four extra-terrestrials who are on an expedition on earth, in order to observe life here. So, in ‘Badi door se aaye hai’ they tend to shock the human civilization with their boredom.
Please aliens, go back.


  • Ek nayi umeed roshni: 


This TV serial revolves around the doctor’s everyday work as surgeons, where the lives of their patients are more valuable than that of their own. The show’s look and concept is inspired from US hit series, ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ However, I believe Sanjay Tripathi heats the pan more than necessary, causing an overdose of drama, not making the viewer’s life ok!

  • Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: 


Inspired from Emily Bronte’s novel and a great example of classic English literature, ‘Wuthering Heights’, this Indian soap opera is a clear example of how women in India eat, sleep and bath with their heavy jewelry mode on. It discusses about an orphan, raised by a wealthy man, who then falls in love with his daughter. And the story goes on through their struggles.


Disclaimer: The recipe tastes best when served hot. Over-doze may prove hazardous. Keep out of reach of children. Happy watching!

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