5 Gift Stores You Must Visit in Chandigarh

We all love unique things and well, we also love showing them off, isn’t it? So, let’s begin with the hunt. Looking out to pick something funky for your best-friend or gift something unusual for the girl next door?  Well, you don’t need to puzzle anymore!
Here are 5 stores in tri-city that have the coolest and the most unique collection customized for all your needs.
1. Emerge:
For all those youngsters who like to break the constrains of conventional products and go ahead with unconventional and unique apparels, Emerge is just the perfect place for you. With apparels being their major, they also deal with accessories and they slay the market with their own new products. It’s all under one single roof. The place just like it’s products calls out loud for attitude. It’s everything you can think about. Situated in Sector 10 and in Sector 17, Emerge awaits your presence.
2. Mask:
Well, doesn’t the name say it all? Mask is the unique store with rugged and the most innovative looks of all time. It literally masks you up with the coolest clothing of all time. Mask aims at changing faces of fashion and creating a whole new era of fashion. It offers an exclusive and addictive range of products which well differentiates them from others. Situated in Sector 10 with it’s exclusive collection is Mask, why don’t you try this one on ?
3. Urban Theka:
It truly is “The Theka” of all the youngsters out there. Urban Theka relishes the Punjabi culture with its tangy twist promising wide variety of products. It’s true to the Punjabi culture in every manner be it it’s energetic ambience or the t-shirts with typical Punjabi slogans or the pretty dupattas and not to forget those Patiala peg wale glasses. 😉 Situated in Elante mall is the ‘Urban Theka’ Urban by choice and funky by class!
4. Happily Unmarried:
happily-unmarriedPhone-covers? Cushions? Key-rings?  Glasses? Bags? Name the accessory and you will find it. Well even if you can’t name the accessory you will find it. Happily Unmarried stands by it’s name and offers sassy and funky accessories to all those happily unmarried lads out here. It’s trend-o-meter is 100 % And well just how they like to say, Customer is more important than chilled beer so do they love to please them too. Situated neck to next to Urban Theka, this one is sure a must visit store.
5. Vanity Box:
vanity-boxSurprised by this one on the list? Well, don’t be! Vanity Box sure is a classy to shop but who said classy can’t be sassy? If you think your house cannot do without printed toilet paper from Germany, floral cushion covers from England or acrylic wine glasses from Italy, head straight to the Vanity Box. With its quirky ambience, Vanity box is full of surprises. Old world charm, vintage and classic.  Just how you would love showing it off !

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Yogitha Kaushik (SD College 32)

Yogitha Kaushik (SD College 32)

Brought up in Ooty and growing up in Chandigarh now, I love to write about people and places. Telling the untold stories, is what I like about writing.



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