5 Common Fitness Mistakes that Newbies Make

  1. Expecting things to happen overnight: Setting unrealistic goals or expecting overnight results can lead to frustrations. You must note that, to bring about good change it takes at least 2 to 3 weeks. Always give yourself enough time to achieve your goals as being over-ambitious might be frustrating and can lead to injuries as you might overdo your workout.


  1. Trying fancy moves: Being a newbie to the gym, people are full of enthusiasm and are fully energetic. So, they try to do more than needed. Practicing fancy or innovative moves in the gym could be a real waste of time. As an amateur, one must learn proper techniques and focus on the basics rather than being getting carried away with fancy moves.


  1. Neglecting warm up: One the most important thing one should do is warm up.It is very important to raise your body temperature and break some sweat for minimizing the risk of injury. Warm up can be in any form, be it running on the treadmill or biking or skipping, but not enough to make you feel fatigue.


  1. Doing endless crunches: One of the most common misconceptions amongst the gym goers is that crunches or grinding a certain spot can help you get rid of the belly fat, but unfortunately, that’s not the case to be. It is a waste of time and energy at the same time. The idea is to drop overall fat percentage first and that cannot be reached by crunches alone.


  1. Neglecting lower body workouts: Almost 80% of the gym going individuals are seen working on the upper body i.e. chest, biceps etc. No one wants to put in an extra effort to work hard on legs. Whereas, legs being the biggest muscle group in the body and also known as the pillar of the body, they should pack more muscle and strength. It has to bear the body weight throughout the lifespan.

Imagine a building with weak pillars, it won’t last long. So, take note of the above-mentioned points and pave the way to a healthier lifestyle!

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