5 Books you need to read this winter break (Indian Mythology)

1.The Immortals of Meluha – Amish Tripathi 
It’s the first book in the authors Shiva trilogy . The book is set in the fabled land of Meluha and is the story of Shiva who the Meluhans think is their saviour , Neelkanth . This man is supposed to lead them to war against their mortal enemies the Chandravanshis and the cursed race , the Nagas . This and the mystery of the legendary nectar Somras that makes you immortal and Shivas chemistry with Kings daughter Sati.  The books an impressive blend of mythology and logic and will leave you wanting more .Fast paced and witty , it is a must for every lover of Indian Mythology.
2.The Palace of Illusions – Chitra Banarjee Divakanuri
This book takes you through the Mahabharta from Draupadis point of view . The story remains unchanged but Palace of Illusions shows you aspects of Mahabharta you haven’t seen before . You read it not as an epic but as the story of Someone’s life , with an imaginative twist . Who does Draupadi really love ? What was the battle of Mahabharta like from the eyes of mother , a wife ? All this and more !
a place of illusion
3.The Scion of Ikshvaku – Amish Tripathi 
Round two by the best selling author Amish Tripathi , Scion of Ikshvaku is the first book in the Ramchandran Series .It takes you through the childhood and early life of Lord Ram . Ravaan here is not a ten headed demon king , he is the general of the army of Kubera , a Lankan Trader , and an excellent business man . And Sita is a not just a helpless showpiece. It is the story of Lord Ram reimagined in the Amish Tripathi way . A perfect blend of the new and the old
4.Govinda – Krishna Udayasankar
The first book in the Aryavarta Chronicles .  It follows the story of Govinda Shauri , the ruler of Dwarka ( Krishna) , Panchaali and the Kuru kings as in the original story but with a slight change . Here ,Mahabharata is depicted not as story of Gods and demons, or good against evil, but a historical retelling of a period of political, technological and sociological change. The author has paid a lot of attention to the details and book makes for a enthralling read .
5.The Chanakyas Chant – Ashwin Sanghi 
This novel has two stories running parallel .One of Chanakya , the brilliant and ruthless strategist of the Maurayan times who united a Country torn by greed and power . The second is of Gangasagar Mishra , the reincarnation of Chanakyas who orchestrates the rise of a girl child from the slums to the Prime Minister of India .The novel is fast paced and a gripping read .

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