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In the beginning, everyone starts with a clichéd quote about how good books are, well I’d like to start with something I believe in, it is wise to learn from other’s mistakes as well as your own since you can’t make all of them yourself. Better still, learn from mistakes committed by each character of a fiction, in every twist of a plot and every second of a book’s chapter. So here we list five books that are quintessential to go through 2017:

1.) ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho:point-1The countdown begins with one of the best books ever written. On the surface, just a story of a boy who finds treasure, but for minds keen enough to know, this book has answers for all your initial questions; your dream, where it must come from, what you must do to pursue it and what you will find on the journey, it is the perfect handbook and a very essential read. It teaches lessons on adventure, hope, faith, happiness, persistence and destiny. Every time you open this book, you will learn something in harmony with your present situation and every principle thought is in the simplest presentable way and depth that reaches the soul. It teaches how like the shepherd boy Santiago, all of us must have the courage to pursue our destiny and see it to its conclusion. Something to imbibe this New Year. As it says, “When you want something with all your heart, the entire universe conspires to help you achieve it.”

2. ‘7 Spiritual Laws of Success’ by Dr. Deepak Chopra:point-2Now that we know that we have to pursue our dream, the next logical question is how? What is the exact mind-set we need to succeed? Dr. Chopra’s book is the second essential book to be an achiever this 2017, with simple laws and methods to apply them every day for development of the ideal mind-set. We can see the use of the seven laws in almost every success story. The manner in which every law is listed individually with an explanation, the laws are sophisticated, simple and leave an impression on every mind. Dr. Chopra is one of the most celebrated personalities on science, religion, spirituality and the new age integration of science and religion.

3. ‘The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma:point-3This one is perhaps a set of parallel laws which give you insight into, what must a person think like to achieve success in his professional life? The book is simplistic, easy to follow and basically narrates the story of a hotshot lawyer who starts his career off with enthusiasm but with age gets stuck in routine and eventually in light of failing health has a breakdown, deciding that this is not what he wanted from life, he decides to seek out meaning. Years later a meeting between him and a younger lawyer tells us what he found on his journey, with timeless and soul touching lessons on self-control, purpose, discipline and everlasting improvement, it is truly one of the best books in modern times.

4. ‘Three Truths of Well Being’ by Sadhguru:point-4For those of us who do not know who the Sadhguru is, he is a mystic and a yogi. This book is a summary of his teachings and is slightly advanced in relation to the other books in this list. Now that we know what we wish to do with our lives and know how we must do it, but going deeper beneath the surface to understand spirituality, the search for meaning and life from its beginning to the end, The book is divided into three sections “mind”, “body” and “energy” and step by step the book clarifies every misconception about religion, life and the air around spirituality. Reading this book is like one of those mornings you wake up too early and see the sunrise while the world sleeps. It is being on a new level of understanding that makes life easy and is one of the most impactful books of all time.

5. ‘The Bhagvad Gita’:point-5Considering the fact that this book is more of a religious text and less of a mainstream nonfiction work, this book is the core of it all- the philosophy of Krishna is and the ultimate piece of wisdom that a person can read. However, it requires a lot of conditioning, since the simplest of things are the most difficult to understand. Any description of the original Sanskrit text is effective. The book takes us through life, duty, work and reality and everything that is necessary to know going through life, without getting too distracted and caught up in the kilometres of spiritual literature out there, all of us need direction and guidance and what better way to learn than from god’s words. There can be no book better than this, to start 2017 with.

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Tarun Sharma (PGGC 11)

Tarun Sharma
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