5 Awesome Reasons to date your Best Friend


Yes you read the title correctly . One person you have always been running away when it comes to dating . Your entire friend circle thinks you are dating him but you always admonish those claims as false or by saying “He or she’s just my best friend yaar” . Well let’s just face it once in our lifetime somewhere we all have fallen for our best friend even if it would have been for the briefest time possible .  But why were we afraid to take the plunge , or in other words confess and propose to take the next step forward ; only we know . So here I bring for you top 5 reasons why you should think about dating your best friend.

1) He is what he is at your face :
He’s someone who will never shy away from telling you what is right or wrong . Not like those boyfriends who will shower you with false praises just to grab your attention . Your best friend, even if he becomes your  boyfriend will never be afraid to stop you from doing anything wrong.
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2) Zero Adjustment issues :
 Before getting into a relationship you are each others best friends . You practically know the weirdest and the most idiotic habit of each other and have simply learnt to accept that over the years . Since you know each other from top to bottom the probability of not adjusting with each other is really LOW !
3)Lesser space for insecurities :
You practically know about each and every girl that he has ever looked at , let alone dating . And of course he has the entire list of all the other guy friends you have . Even if he may not like majority of them still he will happily tolerate them  just for you  like a good boyfriend, as he did when he was your BEST FRIEND
4)Non Judgemental :
You smoke ? You drink ? Had zillion flings in the past ? Doing weird stuff in public ? Guess what your best friend just doesn’t care . From your crazy past to your goofy family he will gladly ACCEPT ALL.
5) He/She is your one and only :
Your 3 am friend . Food buddy . Movie partner . Forever to go person . Yes that’s your best friend all in one . And he’s that one person you can never get bored off .
So no matter what you do or wherever you go,. whether you date each other or not . Your best friend will always have a special spot reserved for you in there Heart !
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