4 Incidents that Shook 2016 with Disappointment


(Disclaimer: These views are entirely personal and I do not wish to disrespect anyone or their views. Please don’t hunt me down to hit me with a brick.)

The year 2016 has truly been that of duds with crazy-massive disappointments, and left us waiting eagerly for 2017 to arrive and take away this misery already. From orange Presidents to stupid literature, from humanity massacred in broad daylight to some very influential people leaving us, 2016 showed us everything. This year was so disappointing that if years were people then 2016 would have been that naughty ‘Verma ji ka beta’ that your parents warned you about.

Although an impossible task to choose, here are some of the most disappointing things that happened in 2016.

1) Donald Trump’s Victory in U.S. Presidential Elections:

point-1Anyone who thinks that Trump isn’t that BIG a disappointment, especially given that he is not our President, that he should’t feature on the top of this list is certainly delusional and needs help. Contrary to common sense, the people of USA decided to elect an orange President who freely advocates sexism, misogyny and racism. Americans, as well as the rest of the world, should brace themselves now that Trump will be occupying the most powerful office in the world for four-whole-years. God help us all.

2) Demonetization of 500 and 1000 note: 

point-2Fulfilling our life-long dream of equitable wealth distribution, Mr. Modi announced this surprise move on 8th November and for once in our lifetime the entire country was broke at the same time. Panicked and harassed looking people could be seen running around on streets making a beeline for the nearest banks while others looked inside pillow cases and daal ke dabbe for hidden stashes of cash. Although a hilarious scenario to witness at 10 in the evening, demonetization has proved to be a disappointing move till now and has only managed to replace our notes to funny looking pink notes.

3) Wars:

point-3The year 2016 witnessed huge amount political tension, armed conflicts and deaths. Right from Battle of Aleppo and Paris Attacks to Uri attacks to Balochistan issue, 2016 saw humanity massacred in broad daylight as people all over the world watched- helpless and scared. While people came together and prayed for the victims of such attacks as a sign of solidarity, crimes against humanity at such levels are truly disappointing and terrifying making one wonder what the world has truly come to.

4) Loss of Famous Personalities:

point-5From famous comedians to writers to actors and musicians, numerous well known figures left us in 2016, leaving the world a little emptier. We lost legacies like Alan Rickman (who can forget Professor Snap), Carrie Fisher (a brilliant actress now in a galaxy far far away), Leon Russell (famous musician) and Harper Lee (writer of the brilliant ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’) among several others have left behind some amazing pieces of work for us to enjoy and get nostalgic over (and even shed a tear or two).

(The writer is also upset that stupid literature like ‘One Indian Girl’ (by Chetan Bhagat) was published in 2016 and it actually made it to the Best-seller list and would like to encourage the readers to discover and indulge in better books. She is even ready to share her own reading list with them.)

While 2016 has clearly been nobody’s year, we wish that 2017 brings a ray of hope and happiness in everyone’s life.

A very Happy New Year to everybody. Cheers!

About the Author:

Aashima Garg (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Aashima Garg (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Writer.18 years old. Pursuing B.A. Economics (Hons) from Department of Economic, PU. I am a Hindi poetry enthusiast and an avid reader. I love binge watching movie and Sitcoms.


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