6 Most Overrated things in India

  • Pizza

Let’s face it the Internet has over glorified the pizza. It is good to taste I agree but all that cheese and oregano isn’t that flavourful always. Going logically I have to say it’s bad for health.


  • IPhone

Apple might have been revolutionary company who brought great technology to the market but an iPhone is just a phone. If we see who has made the best fool out of people in last 3-4 years we can easily say it’s apple. Size goes increasing and a minor changes like camera and resolution. The finger lock was good though I agree but it’s a phone for god sake not a security safe.


  • Big dial watches

I’m going to keep this on short and simple “KEEP THE PLATES ON THE DINING TABLE”. A watch must be fabulous but not as big as your face. For god sake keep those away.

  • Fairness creams

The most racist thing in the market. Getting fair isn’t that awesome there are hot dusky people too. The producers of such things make a fool out of the people so easily. This is just an example of how racist our world is. by far a very much overrated product.


  • Delhi

Yeah Yeah its the nation’s capital I know relax man, they have government which came to power because they promised free electricity and water so the people bounced onto it. Traffic problems, pollution, crazy people everything is available in Delhi. It isn’t a very


  • Automatic drive cars

Driving a car without shifting gears sounds fun? No it isn’t that fun you’re missing the basic concept in such a case. Shifting from a light gear to heavy, that power you feel is just what gives you the control. Automatic drive cars allow you to just control the steering basically that’s what a you make a kid do when he insists on driving a car



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