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Hum India vale darte bohot hain. Haina? We fear things like our rishtedaars, Pados vali aunty, the poor black cat who crosses our way, 10 missed calls from dad, meeting a relative while on a date and the list is endless. So, in this article, we present you some of the most feared things by Indians!


“Heyy Bhagvaan! mujhe maaf kardena maine Tuesday ke din Chicken kha lia!” “Shivling pr jal chadhana hai, kyunki Pappu ko pass karana hai.”
Bechare bhagwaan ji se itna darte hai na hum, by Goddd!! We pray to God because we fear him. This is more or less true. “bhagwaan ko khush rakhoge tabhi kaam banega”. *thinking about watching OH MY GOD again.*


chaar log

Haayee! Bechari Sweety aur Jignes ki love story par the end lag gya because “Chaar logon ko pta lag gya toh kya kahege”. These four people are feared by us more than our end semester exams. What the society thinks about us is more important to us than what our family thinks. Marks, job, career, marriage and be it anything that you do in your life, what is more important than your own choice is what the people are going to think about it. Urgh.

  • Ladki


No matter how modern Indians become but the stereotypical thinking of ours is never going to change. “Ghar ka chirag toh ladka hi hota hai”. People are going to disagree with this point but it is actually a fear that mostly all Indians face that is to have a girl child. The same society which worships Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Durga, is afraid to give birth to one. Ironic much?

  • “25 saal ki hogyi aur shadi nahi hui?”

The girl’s parents fear marriage because it is hard to find a suitable match for their loving daughter while she is still young i.e below the age of 25 years, the guy’s parents are afraid ke beta hath se nikal jaega, the girl is afraid because she does not want to marry that fat businessman or she wants to study further or live alone in the big city and do a job, the guy is afraid because finding a tall, fair, beautiful, sanskaari, slim wife is tough. Balle balle! Too much worry yaar.

  • Police and Politicians.

India is that country where instead of feeling safe when the police is around, people tend to feel cautious. We are literally scared of our police force. Even if you have done nothing wrong, you still feel a little nervous around the cops. The traffic police is feared a lot too in most of the cities. Chandigarh valon se poocho!
And politicians, well unse kaun nahi darta. Unse toh police bhi darti hai. Toh hum kya cheez hain. Pfft.

So what is it that you fear the most? Readers are requested to write their opinions in the comments

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