150 Children Cried for Life: What’s Happening in Syria?


While we all were devastated about the legendary actress Sridevi’s death, a lot has happened in Syria, with the death toll rising to 674. So, here’s what actually happened in Syria:

Syria has been engaged in civil war for the last six years, with different groups trying to seize control of the country. The fighting is between:

  • Soldiers who support the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad
  • fighters known as rebels, who don’t want Assad to be in power anymore, and
  • the group that call themselves the Islamic State

Therefore, the rebellion is between the Syrian influential people only. The bombardment is in the EASTERN GHOUTA, home to at least 4,00,000 people. The Syrian civil defense, also known as THE WHITE HELMETS, said on Friday, that more than 670 people (150 children) have been killed since the Syrian government- aided by Russia- launched an air strike (offensive), largely on the rural area outside the capital, on February 18.

This aerial bombardment had come under notice of United Nations Security Council last Saturday, who ordered a 30-day ceasefire, but even that has failed to stop the atrocities. The strong 4,000 white helmet group has stated that the firing is still on, and only god knows when it will stop.

Residents have responded with their distrust towards the “5-hour daily humanitarian pauses” proposed by Russia, whose mission was to allow evacuation of those seeking medical treatment and the entry of aid convoys.

Reports have stated that not even a single aid convoy has entered the camps, and thus residents have no guarantee of their safety. The people of Eastern Ghouta are regretting living in the country, as they know very well that neither the Russians nor the regime has expressed any seriousness in keeping civilians out of the war. They have lost all confidence in the country.

People are facing so many problems, that thousands of families have been forced to take cover in basements or makeshift underground shelters due to bombardments. Local media reported that these shelters lack even the basic amenities of food, water and clothes.

This is one of the worst times Syria has faced. The government and regime don’t have any respect for civilians, including little children. Seeing all this only one thought comes to my mind-

                                 “HUMANITY IS DYING”

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Anjani Verma (SD College 32)

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