15 signs that you are a Hard Core Music Aashiq!


Everyone loves music but there are those who are known as ‘Born with an ear for music’, ‘The music buffs’, etc. These are the people who are obsessed with music and their first love is indeed Music only. Are you one of them? Read on to know:-


1: You have your own customized music system set up at your place (from Speakers to headphones of the Best brands, your room is filled up with collections of CDs of your favorite artists, Posters on the walls of your room, etc).

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2: The lyrics of your favorite songs find long term abode on the screens of your desktop; mobile wallpapers, on your Facebook and whats-app statuses.

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3: You have different playlists according to your different moods (from a party animal to becoming a devdas).


4: You hate it when people try to initiate conversations with you, while you have put on your earphones and are lost in your own world.


5: You know the lyrics of all your favorite songs by heart and don’t mind showing them off (even if you are a bathroom singer).


6: You totally love it when people ask you for suggestions regarding their music queries (people often ask you if you have done some PhD. Or something in music?)


7: You are considered the Radio of your group as you can recall the lyrics ,name of the artists, the album, the video or anything related to songs

8: You just can’t wait to download that new awesome song you just heard on t.v., radio or just anywhere.


9: You have the talent of recalling back to back songs on the mention of just any word (no wonder, you are always a favorite partner of antakshari lovers).

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10: You remember the names of music websites more than many of your friends’ birthdays.



11: Your phone is loaded with countless music applications (and you just can’t enough).

12: Your parents often end up putting curfew on the volume and timings of your music sessions.


13: When it comes to music, you feel music has no language. Even if you don’t get it. (just like love, right?)


14: You feel as if you know nothing else better than music (I can play guitar, be my gf!).


15: Last but not the least, your day begins with loud music waking you up and soft music that calms you to sleep.


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