13 Tips How to Live Young and Never Grow Up


Age is just a number, true. But why then do we choose to not see the beauty of living young irrespective of it. Get good academic result, take up a job, start a family and in the process that follows, we end up losing every second. Catch up with how to live while we are young (and to never grow up):

1.) Don’t Think Too Much:

It never did anyone any good. Do you suppose Newton was sitting in bed thinking when the apple fell from the tree? Or whether Aristotle would have found out about buoyancy if he daydreamed too much to have a bath? It’s usually better to compartmentalize your time for thinking for yourself just like your mom did for you when you were younger. Study two hours then go out and play! ‘Work hard, play hard’ is the mantra. It leads to more eureka moments. It is fresh perspectives and ideas that allow you to stay young at heart.

2.) Study All Your Life:

School, college, university; they are all institutions that allow us so much freedom to grow yet within a framework that guides us ever onward. You will have mentors, someone to look up to, something to achieve and the motivation to do it. You will be surrounded by ideas and possibilities; you will move from place to place, teaching and learning all your life. What more could one ask of life?

3.) Focus on the Little Things:

Wear crisp clothes, dress up, make the day count or cultivate your own vegetable garden. Invest in that cool new reading lamp. Keep a stamp album. Go on adventures and collect bugs. Celebrate holidays or brunch with friend on Sundays. Spend the day cleaning your fridge. Do whatever floats your boat.

4.) Make Time Count:

When we hang on to regrets, waste our time going down the wrong paths, then waste time doubling back, everything seems to build up and press down on your chest, making you feel old and weak. So avoid that. Make savvy decisions. Trust your gut. Think twice if you have to. Look back, just to make sure.  Drop things along the way or pick stuff up. Just keep things light and make sure you’re warm enough. That’s what kids do.

5.) Stay Active:

Travel, climb those steps, challenge yourself, be your own hero. Unrelenting unflinching self-esteem is the key to staying a child forever.

6.) Respect Everybody Equally:

No elders. No youngsters. Communicate with everybody at a basic human level that is at once disarming and at once enriching for the other person. Make it a point to bring out the inner child of the people close to you.

7.) Make. Make. Make.

Make mistakes, bake cakes, write cards, build blocks; wait you’re an adult right? Okay so cook dinner, sign cheques and write letters, become an architect. It’s pretty similar honestly. Make those connections so you can stay in touch with the fact that big or small, it’s all about the “make”; not the headache!

8.) Be Your Own Santa Claus:

Treat yourself. You’re independent, work a-nine-to-five-job and have issues and responsibilities. Take a day off. Do a two minute dance, go go-carting or paint balling. My brother used to pull his own hair and cry. When I tried to help him he’d carry on pulling his own with one hand and mine with the other. After a few painful attempts, I left him alone to get over it himself. Basically, it’s up to you to be kind to yourself. People will be kind to you only up to a point. The rest is up to you.

9.) Love

Fall in love with someone who gives you the chance to be weird; funny, childish, impish. Remember, adults don’t fall in love. Children do.


10.) Travel

Make time for a change of space. It’ll make you feel like a midget on a humongous beach. It’s impossible to be all grown up and pompous after that!

11.) Stay Close to the Ground

Honestly, be grounded. Stay firm and steady in your opinions and beliefs. Keep your head up, look at the stars. Remember they shine for you. Just make sure to look up every now and then so you don’t forget.

12.) Make Time for Magic

Harry Potter.

Peter Pan. Read that book, watch this movie. Ship those characters.

Appreciate other people’s dreams and creations. It’ll remind you you’re never alone. It’s the same people who will appreciate your work too. And your work will make them feel more in touch in its own turn. Trust in that; always.

13.) Art

Go nuts. Make a Jackson Pollock painting. Paint each other’s faces. Make clay figurines make jewellery. It’s all part of the flow. Don’t hold back. Trust yourself to land on your feet. You are the best piece commissioned by your parents and the earth. There is a reason you’re here. Think with your heART and you can’t go wrong.

About the Author:

Meher Vadehra (MCM DAV 36)

Meher Vadehra
(MCM DAV 36)

Meher is a freelance conceptual artist, writer and activist. She is an avid reader, singer, runner and a foodie!


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