India Plays Host To The World Environment Day


BEAT THE PLASTIC POLLUTION.”  On June 5, 2018, India hosted the 43rd edition of World Environment Day. It marks the inception of United Nation Environment Programme, in 1974, and also an initiative to protect the environment we are living in.

Erik Solheim the ‘Executive Director’ of UNEP was present in India on this occasion. All the high-profile politicians delivered their views on the damage plastic is causing today.

“Beat the plastic pollution” was the theme of this year’s celebrations hosted by our homeland. The land which generates 25,940 tonnes of plastic and 97,000 of solid waste everyday!

Even around the world today, the plastic waste is becoming unmanageable and therefore, is causing incorrigible pollution especially for the marine life. China ranks one in marine pollution followed by Indonesia.The UNSG, Mr. António Guterres asked people to reject one-time use plastic products since, more than 8 million tonnes of it ends up in the ocean.

According to United Nations, the world used nearly 5 trillion plastic bags and of all plastic products, 50 per cent constitutes one-time use which, eventually becomes waste if not recycled.

The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi through ‘Maan ki baat’ conveyed; “India being named the official host of the World Environment Day celebrations was a recognition of the country’s growing leadership in tackling climate change issues.” Thus, he urged the people to shun plastic to protect environment.

India  ranks 3rd from the bottom in the ‘Green Ranking’ released this year.  The air quality in India doesn’t fulfil WHO standards, as verified by Greenpeace report. PET bottles and plastic bags too pose a challenge.

However, this doesn’t stop the nation from making efforts to make things better. Presently,  15 states have imposed complete ban on use of plastic bags and 5 have announced a partial ban.

The nationwide ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyan’ launched by PM Modi, integrates Indian citizens and all Indian famous celebrities, to keep India pollution free. The ‘Khadi’ industries, which once had a  role in India’s struggle for independence, at present are significantly contributing to the sustainable development.The  nuclear power plants is big leap towards sustainable development too.  Utilization of solar power is also contributing noticeably to the cause.

As claimed by actress Dia Mirza (UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador For India), India has all the necessary laws available to fight environmental pollution but, the lacunae again lies in their implementation.

In conclusion, Mahatma Gandhi once said; “Be the change you wish to see.” Marine life is dying owing to the pollution we are causing. Environment is deteriorating. We might not be able to unite against all the ills but, we can make a difference at individual level and consequently, behold a different world. Hence, make an effort and beat the plastic pollution !

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