Open Mic Night: A Melodious Evening


An open mic event was organized on April 20, 2018 in Lah-di-Dah, Sector 10, Chandigarh. This event was organized by Ashish, who is a musician and Aakash who is a magician. The event was organized as a part of their event management company, The Opening Window’s inauguration ceremony. 

The party started at 07:30 in the evening by talking about #TOW and how they work. Then the evening proceeded with several talented performances, amongst which the first one was by Ashish with his guitar and melodies.  Next up in line was Shivam who left the crowd in a “jaw-dropping” amazement with his peppy beatboxing skills. The event did not just witness good musicians but also whimsical magiciansAsif, who is a magician used his mind-blowing tricks to bamboozle the audience and take up the lime-light. The array of talent for the evening did not stop at this. Dr. Varun Dheer, Aka DVD, who is a dentist by profession and an amazing comedian also, left the crowd in heartful giggles with his witty humor. 

After these performances the stage was open for the audience. Many people from the crowd came up to showcase their talent of singing and poetry. And the event marched further with the cake cutting ceremony by both the founders of The Opening Window. For the benefit of the crowd, sketch artists had been hired to draw a live sketch of anyone who wanted it.

Then the event resumed with a musical performance by Rajvir who is a fabulous singer and youtuber. He sung his first debut song which is already a great hitShamsher, one of the performers, grooved up the place with his popping beat boxing and he even performed all his beats with punjabi hit songs which was utterly enjoyed by the crowd.  And the party came to an end with a poetry performance by Mr. Sumit Singla, the crowd was really moved with the purity in his words. 

“They are just in final year of their graduation and starting their own company. Which they will really take to another level. I just want to wish them luck and want to thank them to invite me in this amazing party in this amazing place” said Anubhav one of Ashish’s friend

“The party was amazing and they are amazing people too. I really enjoyed the performances” said Jyoti from the crowd.

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