11 reasons why happiness is being in Chandigarh!


One of the most beautifully laid out cities of north, Chandigarh has been the adda for every cool person in the Punjab. The people here are super lively, gulp down delicious foods and enjoy their daaru to the fullest! Here, you will find “Sohni kudian”, “gabru jawan munde”, bullets and jeeps, Mercedes and Audis, Gurudwaras, churches and just too many parks and gardens.


And with L.G Happiness Study this year has certified Chandigarh as the country’s most happy city, it is not all without reason. So here are the top 11 things that make this city “khaas”:

  • Clean, Green, Serene:

Designed by French ArchitectLe Corbusier, the city has wide streets, well connected with beautifully landscaped roundabouts. It is only recently that the rate traffic jams is rising here.


Nothing like sector 17!

Even though we have our very own Elante Mall to take over the entire food and clothing market, sector 17 remains the most happening place in Chandigarh. The shady trees, the cool breeze and the age old Indian Coffee House! You can also walk away time nibbling on ice cream.
Parties and Paranthas- The Night Life

From rags to riches, everyone in Chandigarh parties at the best night clubs and pubs located in sector 8, 26 and 35 and heads to theparanthe wali galiin sector 22 or near PGI. Whether it’s Hops & Grains, The Blue Blazers, the Peddler’s, or the PU night food street, the night life here has grown to being one of the most happening all night affairs.
Swag Sadda Desi:

“Swag is not something you wear, it is something you are born with” is the motto that defines Chandigarh. But really, no one, especially not the ones who use the word ‘swag’ can tell you what it means(high points on that).
Tagore Theatre:

For the intellectuals, we have the Tagore theatre that displays the most enriching and entertaining cultural performances. Named after India’s Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, it had been the sole theatre in Chandigarh for a very long time.

Dare to date, or travel?

Chandigarhiansshall never run out of places to date (ie. If they escape the moral policing) thanks to the numerous gardens all around. From Rock Garden, Rose Garden to Garden of Fragrance and Japanese Garden, plenty of shady corners await a visit from love-bugs, er, tourists.
Walk the talk at Sukhna Lake

A refreshing location for strolling, jogging or boating with family and friends, Sukhna Lake is a place where creativity knows no bounds. From live sketching to social experiments to poetry slams, people from all walks of life come here to showcase their talent.

Education, it says it all!

The Punjab University in sector 14 and 25 needs no introduction. This institute provides numerous courses of higher studies. It was ranked as the number one university of India by the Times Higher Education World University rankings this year. Other than Punjab University, Chandigarh givesremarkable educational opportunities and consists of the top most schools in the tricity.

Gehri Route:

Sometimes all we need is to get out in our car, roll down the windows and turn up the music in full swing. What better place than Gehri Route for such a relaxing time especially on weekends when you need a break from the studies and the workload.

If you see the police, warn a brother(or anyone for that matter):

The traffic police in Chandigarh is probably the best in the country. So be ready to paychallans for ignoring even minor traffic rules. (Tip: Go to district courts in sector 17 to get the challan cleared for it is much cheaper than the police lines in sector 29. You’re welcome)


Tandoorichicken, butter chicken, chicken tikka or kabab, we have it all and more. Places likeTehal Singh, Pal Dhaba, Chawla Chicken, Mainland China, Buffet hut and Barbeque Nation just deserve all of the Punjabi love.

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Mihul Narad (MCM College 36)

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