11 Delightful things to experience at UIET for Freshers


For all the newbies looking forward to their much awaited college life and the ‘freedom’ that it gives you, here are few must do’s for the students who have managed to or are soon going to secure a prestigious seat in one of the most sought after colleges of Panjab University, UIET !

  1. Elections: 

The first thing you will experience, the moment you step in, are the infamous elections of PU. The endless movies, dine-outs, night-outs, gediyan in almost every party’s effort to woo their juniors. The zest of the election campaigns will make you want to become a part of them . So, don’t miss it people!!


  1. Orientation:

The first and the only (:P) official event of UIET will give you a tour of the college in and out, the clubs, committees and everything else that there is to see .And it will be a delight, trust me on this, because I have been a part of the OC (organising committee) for 2 glorious years and your seniors work really hard to make it a memorable day for you.



Consider joining a club or two , from the variety of options that we have to offer ,  the dance club, rotract club, osmium (dramatics club), then the committees, the placement cell, the literary club, technical committee and many more…Seize every opportunity that comes your way !  And you could ask your seniors for suggestions, they’ll be more than happy to help!!


  1. Fests: 

You must participate in the annual cultural fest ,Goonj. By participate I mean, perform , go ahead take part in each and every event possible, or consider joining the OC in the latter years of your college life, but for now ENJOY!! Goonj’s road rally is another amazing event you just can’t afford to miss!!
You must also become a part of Efficycle and Efficars, which are the 2 major technical fests.


  1. Pursue a hobby: 

Be it dance, sporat,music, literature,techie stuff or anything that you like, there is ample time to develop and sharpen your skills in something you are passionate about and also to chill and have fun.


  1. Hostels: 

The hostels of PU must be stayed at. You will relish the great food, indoor games and facilities, and above all, the 24*7 Wifi facility.
The lucky ones who stay at the hostel are going to experience ‘Fresher’s Party’ more than once and the one at the hostel will be an amazing experience for you all!! Being a hosteler, you can also gorge on the tasty food that the Night Food Street offers!! If are a localite, you wont mind a night stay and hop around the corridors for once.


  1. Exams:  

Take the minor exams, i.e. the sessionals seriously, they have a great role to play in your overall and cumulative score and your final exams as well. Remember, amidst all the fun,you have to beware of the Re-appears. Not much is expected, just begin your preparation a day or two in advance and pay full attention in class, this will help you sail through your exams gracefully.


  1. Seniors: 

Interact with your seniors, befriend them and they’ll be happy to help you with anything, be it exams preparation notes, teachers, projects, or anything else , they will be your best advisors, ALWAYS!!


  1. Library: 

UIET has an amazing air-conditioned library, with a variety of books, previous year papers, magazines , etc for you to explore and you’ll find it jam-packed during exams and during the end-sem days .



Take a trip with your college friends, you’ll remember it for life!!

  1. Holi !

The most enthusiastically celebrated festival at UIET and PU is holi!
Obviously it’s a holiday, but that doesn’t stop the students from drenching each other in colors as well as mud a day or two in advance . And there is no escape,no matter what you do, you’ll end up getting hit by a color balloon or an ‘Egg’ may be!!
So, just enjoy and make the most of it!!


UIET gives you a chance to interact with a variety of people,offers you an opportunity to learn and grow.
So, gear up juniors as the best four years of your life are about to begin!!

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Suhani Bhasin (UIET, PU Campus)

Suhani Bhasin is an Engineering student from UIET, who is enchanted by the wizarding world of Harry Potter. She loves reading and writing poetry while sipping a good cup of coffee.


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