10 Things You will relate to if you are a to be Dentist


1.The Pain of Prostho

Primary impression, Custom Tray, Border molding , secondary impression , pour and trim and make base plates and take the jaw relations and articulate and set the teeth and soooo much more ! Like it or hate it , Prostho is a A LOT of work and at some point it has depressed us all .


2.The Kids in Pedo

Weather they are the cute cooperative ones ,the loud wailing ones or the ones that just won’t open their mouth, working with kids in the Pedo department is always entertaining .


3.The image of the Calculus++ that you can’t get out of your head

Remember that one time you did scaling for that one patient who had the worst calculus deposits and/or stains that you had ever seen . Weird how you can’t get that image out of your head, right?


4.The ache in your fingers before an ortho submission date

After months of procrastinating when you have to make all the clasps overnight, this is inevitable. And very common.


5.The common hate for Root stumps !

If you have ever been posted in Oral Surgery and have had to extract root stumps you will understand the amount of harassment these bad boys put everyone through .



6.Tooth carving Trauma

Carving was never easy(Except for the few gifted kids). How many times have your very meticulously carved teeth been rejected Coz you got ONE curve/bulge wrong .Also, the soap gets everywhere !

tooth carving


7.The joy of getting grades

Weather it’s a C-or an A+ , a grade is a grade and nothing can beat the joy of finally getting one !


8.The Trouble in taking alginate impressions

Why is it sooooo difficult ! Why can’t we ever get those flanges right ! Also alginate tastes disgusting! And we know because at some point we have all played patient too.


9. Dissection Hall 

How can we forget the cadavers we would sit next to during our classes at D Hall . And the intestines and hearts and lungs and Brains and kidneys and spleens that we had to hold in our hands !


10.The honour of wearing a white coat . And of being called a ‘Doctor’ by your patients . Nothing compares to that ! Also the white coat with all its pockets is like the most comfortable thing to wear .

white cout

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