10 reasons why each day needs to be a Father’s Day!


A father is a daughter’s first love, and a son’s first hero. He always has eye at the back of his head. He knows all the unspoken fishy things revolving in our mind. He has shown you how to rise from the rock-bottom to the sky, and is constant since you were a tender infant, a rebel teen and a stalwart adult.


For all that a father could be, this Father’s Day, we pay an ode to all the fathers across the globe, and bring to you 10 reasons why each day needs to be a Father’s Day!

1. The king, he is!

Ever since childhood, our father has been the king and shall stay as one. Even if you girls find your prince charming, he’s still going to be the king in the shining armor.

2. No one carries us, like he used to:

Once in our childhood, we all have witnessed those strong arms which held you by legs, and hung you upside down without hurting.

3. He is an All-Fixer!

Father knows how to fix everything literally and figuratively, whether it comes to real life problems, your first heart break or the broken tap at the home!

4. You always look up to him, not only because he is tall:

No matter how tall you grow, your father is always someone to look up to in terms of all the challenges life throws at you.

  1. He kills spider!

Remember when you were a kid, and were afraid of the spider or the cockroach lying 100m far away from you? He was the one who initiated mission- “Kill the Spider”, without any trait of fear.

6. He is so optimistic:

He never complaints about his job, and looks forward to all the rocks that come to his path of life with a generous heart and an optimistic outlook.

7. He is going to stand by you, like a rock:

He stood by you like a rock even when you were a child and your teacher was scolding you for cheating, or when you broke the neighbor’s window pane while playing, or even when your mom scolded you for your late night sneak-out or hangover. And how can you forget his unconditional support for allowing you to sleep till late on Sundays.

8. He is the constant guide:

A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, not a sail to take us there. But a ray of light, whose love always shows us the way.

9. He is more than a father, he is a buddy!

He is your partner in watching all those horror movies or IPL and FIFA matches, which your mother turned down to watch. He planned all those family vacations, whose albums lie beside your bed, in which you and your sibling is touching the top of some silly monument. The last time I asked my father to get me a chocolate, he brought me a box-full of unexpected candies, chocolates and gobstoppers.

10. You had your first bottoms up with him, didn’t you?

Keeping in view the changing face of modern Indian families, many of us would have been lucky enough to have the first sip of alcohol of our life, in the chilled out company of our dad. Have you been that lucky?

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Bhavya Gaind

Bhavya Gaind (SD College 32)

A stout believer of the doctrine of karma, and definitely an optimist. Bhavya suffers from a childhood syndrome, of laughing at serious situations and the same translates in her writings in the form of disastrous wit. Food, music and books are the definition of immense happiness.  


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