10 Points to Redefine Hostel Life


Coming straight out of daddy’s arms, when you land up in a hostel, you will find it hard. Sitting all day with a packet of chips in front of the mighty television is the most comfortable thing, but can be only done at home. If you just sit down to analyse how life is in a total contrast at home and hostel, you will probably find infinite differences. There are some who end up confining themselves in just their rooms for a few weeks, landing up in a new hostel life. Let’s have a look at how life changes then.

1. No distinctive consideration.

point-2You know that stereotype about leaving their home for a new one? Yes. That’s college hostel they’re talking about. You will not be the only one. Well, you might not even be the second one as there are hundreds who will demand the same attention in hostel, as you do. But better learn the rule that no one gets any of it. You’re just another person in the big world now.

2. Bestie Brigade

point-4In hostel, you live with friends, say goodnight and then see them in the morning first thing. Not to mention that it happens every day, for years. Friendships that last through your time in hostel, will last through your life. You will find people who will share their emotions with you or even the most ridiculous ideas of having fun. You in return, will get a lifelong friend.

3. A Penny to Spare?

point-5You might be getting some pocket money from your parents, or you might be earning some yourself. But if you’re living in a hostel, chances are you’re on a budget. And the lessons learnt during these years always come in handy. People even spend a week or two on a strict low budget that might go down to even 20 bucks. Living out of home teaches you finance, but that’s never easy.

4. Lone survivor!

point-11If you had a protected childhood, a few years in hostel will make you truly independent. You will learn to do things by yourself, travel via public transport, manage your life without anyone’s help and, most importantly, learn a few cuss-words (*wink*) to use out in the big bad world!

5. Edu-Caution!
Usually, this wouldn’t make it to your “Best Things in Life” list. But this is an exceptional case. Classes are one thing, but burning the midnight oil with your roommates is a truly communal and fun experience, shared over unlimited cups of coffee and Red Bull, or let me say just water!

6. Midnight Maggi!

point-10Your midnight saviour will be *drumroll* Maggi. When it comes to food-stock, you will find it in almost each room of a hostel. You enter someone’s room at 2am and chances are that you see an unclaimed chef preparing it. Even when the supply of Maggi turns short, everyone has a personal stock of it.

7. Late Night Heart-to-Hearts

point-7Raise your hand if you have stayed up all night, chatting with your roommates and slept the next morning during class! If you haven’t done so and not yet a hosteler, I’m sorry to inform you, but you’re losing on a lot.

8. Home-cooked food delight

point-1You truly understand the value of home-cooked food, when you are exposed to the horrid meals of your hostel mess. The love with which your mother prepares food is unparalleled. In a month or two, you will realise how someone can mess up your daily meals and you can’t do much about it.

Rushing back home for a meal or two is a common deed.

9. Cinema Paradise!

point-9You end up watching thousands of movies over the three or four years you spend in a hostel. Hard disks are exchanged, while torrents download the latest flicks! Scary movies on a cold winter night are best enjoyed with friends. It is very familiar to see people hunting down for a movie stock in a hostel, and if you’re the one with a bunch of movies and sitcom series, then you for sure are the demigod.

10. Spook-a- thon!

point-8Scaring the hell out of every new batch, with hostel ghost stories, is almost a tradition. And this is one that senior batches carry on year after year with a great degree of relish! A suicide in the dorm years ago is the best tale you will keep hearing once in a while. Also, there might be a story of an old graveyard somewhere in the campus.

Living with your friends and sharing a pinch of sugar to the most important things of our lives are the best. Hostel life is the life well spent. Just make sure to keep your wit intact, while you enjoy the pleasant memory in the making of hostel life.

About the Author:

Raahat Sarpal (SD College 32)

Raahat Sarpal (SD College 32)

Luck favors those who work hard. Hi, I am Raahat Sarpal, quite creative and a passionate writer. I write what I feel or what is happening around me. For me its more important to earn knowledge that bucks. A great learner today will surely be some huge earner tomorrow; that’s what I believe.


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