10 most common food items in “The Shashi Tharoor English”


Perusing a regular article with regular vocabulary and regular content is just so regular for us, regular Indians because that’s how we regularly communicate! But all of us are well aware of Dr.Shashi Tharoor and his unrivalled lexicon which is not only discrete but indecipherable of sorts at first instances.

The words he uses in his tweets and speeches sometimes garner more attention than the argument itself. And what if we, run-of-the-mill Indians, just for once, try confabulation (oops! Conversation) like him in our everyday lives? I bet, we will give any modern day Shakespeare a run for his money.

So, here are 10 most common food items in “The Shashi Tharoor English” along with their relevance in our lives:

Bhujia~ Savoury spiced, Dew bean and gram flour noodle snacks.

(Generally for the guests you don’t want to host for more than 30 minutes.)



Chaat papdi~ A Colloq scrumptious miscellany Of crisp fried dough wafers, seethed chick peas, potatoes,yogurt and tamarind sauce.

(An evergreen dish for an irritating relative who drops by your home without prior notice every month.)


Vada pav~A oleaginous potato fritter hedged in a peculiar bread.

(Something you can’t easily find in north India)



Aloo tikki~ An elfin Croquette which coequals Hash browns.

(The only thing your grandparents ever prefer to eat in the name of junk food.)



Sandwich~ Two or more slivers of bread with umpteen fillings.

(Most abused dish on the planet!)



Halwa~ Gelatinous beige coloured colloid of Semolina, sugar and clarified butter!

(Used as the most sought after dish for religious events.)



Parantha~ An unctuous flatbread

(Has fillings of your mother’s choice barring your predilection towards anything from realm of choices.)



Pulav~ A dish in which sautéed rice is cooked in a seasoned broth.

(No! It is not Biryani!)



Instant noodles~ Prefabricated Protein Rich meals in the form of noodles, supplied with needed condiments.

(Everyone’s favourite and the only thing every girl knows to prepare.)



Last but not the least

Chaai~ Potentate of the all Indian beverages.

(All hail the queen! I am short of words for this holy elixir.)



A message from the grub-streeter a.k.a. Author: Take your life and this article in the easiest way possible. It doesn’t intend to mock anyone in anyway whatsoever and Use such a diction only when you have enough time to translate and elaborate everything you say.

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