10 Inspiring Women Travel Bloggers in India

Well, in a place like India where the safety of women is always at stake and parents are worried about their child’s security, travelling alone becomes a distant dream. Not many dare to venture out all by themselves. These brilliant young and feisty women fight all odds and venture out into the world to absorb every bit of it. Not only this but also they share with us their travel experiences on their respective blogs. They go all over the places and bring back with them awe-inspiring tales of the land. You definitely need guts to break certain social norms. Being a solo traveller isn’t always easy but it is fun and these praiseworthy women do every bit of it.
If you ever have been bitten by the travelling bug or if you in love with the idea of going on a vacation all by yourself, but are still in a dilemma then these woman bloggers will give you goals and inspire you to hit the road. These are some of the famous ladies in the world of blogging who are doing an awesome job.
1.   Shivya Nath
At the age of 23, she quit her corporate job to travel the world. Shivya belongs to Dehradun and always wondered what lay beyond the mountains. She owns a blog, http://the-shooting-star.com/ and her travel stories are an inspiration.
2.   Amrita Das
She too quit her job to become a full time traveller and has since then travelled across 20 states in India and many abroad. Her interesting inputs on travelling can be read on her blog, http://travellingidesofmarch.com
3.   Lakshmi Sharath
She is a media professional, traveller, writer and photographer and has featured in UK’s list of 100 international travellers in 2014. She writes about her travel adventures on her blog www.lakshmisharath.com
4.   Anuradha Shankar
She is a homemaker, mother, traveller and writer. But all this doesn’t put an end to her travel mania. She shares her knowledge about places through her blog http://anushankarn.blogspot.in/
5.   Ruchika Vyas
Blogging is an extension of her primary job. Her blog www.travellerstories.com offers a variety of things about foods and drinks, light reading stuff and travel titbits.
6.   Ankita Sinha
She has travelled across 24 states and 13 countries after quitting her IT job. What’s interesting about her blog www.ankionthemove.com is that she puts up videos along with her articles.
7.   Renuka Singh
Writing comes naturally to her. She loves to travel and her blog www.renuka-voyagerforlife.com with its superb articles will motivate you to pack your bags and go out.
8.   Anuradha Goyal
She is passionate about travelling and reading. Her travel stories are more of a practical information about travelling around India. She has two blogs one about book reviews- Anureviews and her travel blog –Inditales (http://www.inditales.com/)
9.   Parnashree Devi
She is a travel blogger from Assam and based in Delhi. Her blog ‘My Travel Diary’ echoes her love for exploring remote corners of the world with its local cuisines and culture. She hopes to inspire others to pack their bags.  (http://www.traveldiaryparnashree.com/)
10. Shalu Sharma
She is a proud housewife and a mother from Bihar. Her blog is all about her domestic travels, travel tips, local culture and food, what to wear while you travel. She shares valuable and honest information about her adventures.

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