10 Fictional men who are breathtakingly Hot!


Be it a movie or a TV show that you watch, ladies let’s be honest, there are so many characters that we all wish were real. Or if our own men could be a little like them. Not gonna happen! Anyway, so these fictional men always make us all skip a heartbeat and we drool over them every time we watch them woo the leading lady or do anything on the screen. We fall in love with the character every single time. And we have had huge crushes on that character. So, here’s a list of some fictional men that always make us go gaga! And we also wish to meet them in real life. Sigh!
PS- The list is not according to any ranking.

1.  Mark Sloan (Grey’s Anatomy)
This incredibly hot plastic surgeon who had his ways with the ladies fell in love with a young intern. McSteamy is what he was called by the surgeons. And they weren’t wrong! This 50 years old person can make us drool over him anytime! Old is gold, hence proved!

Mark sloan

2. Christian Grey (Fifty Shades Of Grey)
The rich hot young entrepreneur and the most eligible bachelor who drove a helicopter wooed a college student into an intimidating relationship. Need I say more for this gorgeous man?


3. Big Preston (Sex and the city)
Mr. Big has something about him that always makes us come back to him. He sort of relates to the kind of relationships we have had. He’s just like any other businessman but he is sexy as hell. Plus, he loved Carrie a lot!


4. Dylan (Friends with Benefits)
Oh that cute guy gave Jamie a street artist painting and took her to meet his family even before they were a couple! And when he proposed to her? That made us all go awwww! “Can I have my best friend back? Because I am in love with her”. Too hot to handle. Right?


5. Jacob Palmer (Crazy, stupid love)

No explanation needed though. But this womanizer who actually fell in love at the end gets us every time. And the shirtless dirty dance? Hard to resist. Dayum!


6. Derek Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy)
If surgeons were that hot, we would never be scared of needles! McDreamy is the perfect man every girl dreams of (hence the name). His dedicated love for Meredith makes him love even dreamier. He being a hotshot neurosurgeon! Plus one! Enough to woo us all.



7. Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)
His behavior towards Elizabeth’s family makes him look like an aristocrat but he later makes up for it. And his beautiful expression of love for Elizabeth! Sigh.



8. Noah (The notebook)
His dedicated love for Allie. The one who made her. Refused to leave her even did she didn’t remember him at all because of her dementia. His love for her was impeccable and that makes him so admiring.


9. Harvey Specter (Suits)
First things first, he is a lawyer! (so of course he is sexy!!) But well, he is smart, witty and charming as well. “Lawyer ho toh aisa ho!” 😉

10. Tony Stark (Ironman)
Oh how could we forget our superheroes? Dayum! Tony Stark’s arrogance stems from his intelligence. He has no qualms in being who he is. Heroes are always well, irresistible. Aren’t they?

Tony Stark

You know what they say, fictional men are always better than the real ones. Keep dreaming! 😉

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