#10 Awesome things about being in a LONG DISTANCE relationship


Yes, we all know that distance really sucks. You haven’t met your boyfriend for months, haven’t kissed him for days and can never let your phone go out of sight, because you never want to miss a call or message from him.
This doesn’t mean that you both aren’t on good terms. Dont believe it? Check out these amazing points which will give an optimistic spin to your views on long distance relationships.

1. Since two of you are always excited about each other, your relationship can never  really get monotonous.
~ Unlike other couples who have been together for as long and see each other all the time.

2. And this clearly means that you’re super committed to each other.
~One of the best parts because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t have been in it.

3. It makes you master at the art of planning and organizing.
~ The kinds of once in five months meetings which have elaborate discussions over the phone surely make you a boss when it comes to manage some work properly.

4. Your communication skills automatically improve much more.
Its pretty obvious, staying silent won’t get you far when you’re mad for each other.

5. You get to surprise each other much more
~ receiving gifts and landing at each other’s doorsteps unannounced after months, thats like awwwww.

6. You learn to trust each other more.
~ And its the only and best way to make it work.

7. You’ve plenty of me time.
~ To explore what you really like, joining hobby classes, even watching ‘kuch kuch hota hai’ for thousand times.

8. You learn to make each other, a prioroty.
~ Usually taken for granted is the root cause of relationships ending these days. But in your case, its altogether different.

9. The distance brings out the romantic in both of you.
~ From writing long messages describing your love for each other to waking up to those good morning kind of messages. That perk of being constantly fed with romantic stuff

10. Those butterflies when you finally get to see each other

~ makes it all worth it

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