​SD hit high road with nomination clearance of SOI and SDCU


Pictures by Sarthak Bhardwaj (GGDSD College 32)

The elections in SD College took a drastic turn as a dramatic scene erupted on September 2md, on the day of the nominations. The two major parties of the college were seen face to face, after both the presidential candidates Iqbalpreet Singh of SOI and Anmol Katyal of SDCU cleared their nominations.

Giving rights to girls, both SDCU and SOI did include a female candidate in their panel. SDCU, which was in power the previous tenure had the backing of SOPU and HPSU

Elections now being just a few days away the scenes of sloganeering returned to the campus and even sticker were hurled over the college area. There were a few dramatic turn of events where NSUI and PUSU were still stranded and took no sides in the horse race.

While Arush Dev will contest as Joint Secretary for SOI, to challenge him Sparsh from SDCU will take to the ground. Ashish takes the charge of fighting for General Secretary from the alliance of SDCU and SOPU along with HPSU.

In some stagy scenes Himachal Students Union (HIMSU) took birth in SD College for the first time. HIMSU took to the ground hand in hand with CYSS and both the parties have shown their support for Iqbalpreet singh the SOI candidate.

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